Jeff Bezos Petition For Him Not To Return From Space Surpasses 150,000 Goal

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Jeff Bezos Petition For Him Not To Return From Space Hits 150,000 GoalPA Images

A petition to refuse Jeff Bezos re-entry to Earth has surpassed 150,000 signatures. 

Jeff Bezos is set to have an eventful couple of weeks as he retires as CEO of Amazon and launches into space. As part of his Blue Origin mission, Bezos will leave Earth briefly with his brother and briefly float in space, in what he described as, ‘The greatest adventure, with my best friend.’


On the back of this plan, a petition was started to ‘not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth’. The petition reads, ‘Billionaires should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there.’ This logic has seemingly generated a lot of support.

Jeff Bezos (PA Images)PA Images

Bezos is a controversial figure because as he has watched his wealth grow, his Amazon employees work in terrible conditions and in need of food stamps to subsidise their wages. As a result, there seems to be plenty of people who would happily see the world’s richest man left in the great unknown.

On June 27, the petition provided an update that read, ‘Jeff Bezos plans to use little grannies who can’t afford their insulin and children with school lunch debt as an alternative source for rocket fuel.’ Of course, those who are signing up know that Bezos isn’t a supervillain, but it is clear that people are keen to vent their frustrations.


Despite some of the funny jabs at Bezos, the petition also highlights issues with the billionaire space race:

The recent billionaire space odyssey competition is a slap in the face to working class folks struggling paycheck to paycheck just to survive. Whether they are struggling with food insecurity, healthcare, shelter, or access to clean water, these issues have a price tag that isn’t quite as unfathomable as the idle billionaires, corporate lobbyists, and Washington bureaucrats would have you believe.

Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft (PA Images)PA Images

The petition goes on to note that studies have shown how easily the money put into a new space race could be used to fix the issues in society.


This may be a poignant take as Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bezos all explore their space endeavours. These investments have occurred during a widespread global pandemic that has left many in need.

Now that the petition has surpassed its original target of 150,000, its goal has been moved to 200,000.

Despite the support, the billionaire will only spend a few minutes in space before he begins his descent to Earth.

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    Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth

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