Iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Phone Has Been Remade For Adults


Iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Phone Has Been Remade For AdultsAlamy/Fisher-Price

Retro phones are having a moment right now, and Fisher-Price has decided to join in on the fun by creating a version of its iconic toy chatter phone… that actually works.

The iconic colourful phone was an irreplaceable part of every 90s kid’s childhood, even making an appearance in the Toy Story movies. Now, 60 years after the toy phone was first launched, Fisher-Price has brought it back, developing a Bluetooth connected handset that receives calls through your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The New and Working Chatter Phone (Fisher-Price)Fisher-Price

According to CNET, the new chatter phone bears all the resemblances to the beloved classic model, including the white base, red phone and smiley face we all know and adore. The model is able to speak to you and lets you dial actual phone numbers using the old-school yellow rotary wheel.

The chatter phone has around nine hours of battery life and is rechargeable, and although there’s no pull string like the original versions, when you turn the phone off, it leaves with an adorable ‘love you, bye!’

The original chatter phone (Alamy)Alamy

It might not be the most practical home office solution in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less of a delight. ‘If you are like me and broken inside from working at home way too long, then you’ll be sure to love it’s many delightful surprises,’ is the verdict from CNET‘s reviewer.

The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone is available in the US for $60, although actually getting your hands on one of the special edition devices may not be all that simple, with the batches released so far selling out shortly after going on sale.

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  1. CNET

    Fisher-Price made a working Chatter phone for adults because we're all broken inside

Hannah Smith
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