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How To Choose Between The iPhone SE 2020 And The iPhone 11 Pro

Matt Weston

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When it comes to smartphones that have been released recently, the last two released by Apple sit on opposite sides of the spectrum. The question is, is it worth saving money or splashing out?

The world was shocked in April when Apple announced the latest addition to their product lineup, the iPhone SE 2020 had a starting price of $399.


The follow-up to the 2016 iPhone SE was announced as a device with the exact same name, with some major improvements. It’s designed to be a low-cost phone with all the Apple features you love at an affordable price. Compare this to the iPhone 11, which had a retail price of $699, the iPhone 11 Pro $999, and the 11 Pro Max a whopping $1,099.

In order to judge whether it’s worth spending your money on either device, it’s worth going through their features and main selling points.

iPhone SE 2020

The New Apple iPhone SE

If you love iPhones but are put off by the price of their newer models, this could be the Apple device for you! 😎📱

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Wednesday, April 15, 2020


By reverting back to making an affordable iPhone, the Cupertino-based brand have made a new iPhone more accessible to people than ever before. Even if you love the looks, specs or operating system of iPhones, the chances are you’ll have to settle for an older model or be tied into a long contract paying it off.

The reason the iPhone SE 2020 is so well valued is down to one simple fact. You could spend £££ on a top-spec iPhone 11 Pro Max and it wouldn’t be faster than this phone. This is down to it being fitted with an A13 bionic processor. It’s the fastest you can get in any smartphone currently on the market, and yet you can get one in a phone costing significantly less than your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or the more expensive iPhone models.

Compromises are needed to be made to justify the price, including using the body of an iPhone 8. The classic design features bezels at both the top and bottom of the screen which may seem like an annoyance compared to the phones that have come out recently. If you have got a new phone in the last 2-3 years, then chances are you would’ve been using a device with a tiny notch or hole-punch camera.


The build quality and classic design will be one of the biggest reasons why Apple have kept the costs down. Being able to recycle old technology and parts means it was easy to make this phone similar to slightly older models.

The display may seem a little small compared to your standard smartphone, although it is slightly bigger than the 2016 model. At 4.7 inches, it’s definitely going to take a lot of getting used to if you decide to purchase this phone.

If you’re a massive fan of photography, it’s a no-brainer which of these phones you are more likely to choose. In an age where every event is captured by a smartphone screen and uploaded to social media, the SE only has a single camera on the back of the device. The 12-megapixel standard wide camera is shared among the iPhone lineup. Portrait mode, Smart HDR, and depth control help to make the most of that still impressive camera. But if you’re used to strong low-light images and ultrawide shots, you’re going to miss out.

Other impressive features for the iPhone SE include strong battery life that gets you through a day of use, years of software support thanks to its A13 Bionic chip and it has Touch ID, rather than Face ID.


iPhone 11 Pro

The New iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have just been unveiled 📱😲

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

If you’re in the market for an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, the chances are you’re keen to have the best smartphone on the market. Or you’re swept in the Apple ecosystem and have no plans in the future to make the transition to Android.


It’s fair to say these are incredible phones if you’re willing to pay extra for them. The real question, is it worth the extra money?

We’ve already established that the 11 Pro has the exact same processor as the SE, which may sound like a bad deal if you paid more than £1,000 for the device when it first came out.


There are so many other great features going for it, including its design. Narrow bezels help the 2019 phone to have a seriously sleek look, even if the design has remained relatively similar to that of the iPhone X. Regardless, the premium, glossy back is why it’s easy to class this as the best looking iPhone ever released.

Two extra cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro series help make the phone have one of the best setups on a smartphone device. The ultra-wide and a zoomed lens make the flagship one of, if not the best for smartphone photography. Add to this the ability to see your high-quality photos and videos on the 5.85-inch or 6.46-inch OLED display that looks amazing.

Alongside better battery life, more AR features and Face ID, Apple fans will find using the device an incredibly easy experience. The beautiful display and simplistic operating system means it’s one of the best smartphones you will ever use. Until the iPhone 12 arrives on the scene.

Save or Spend?

What you decide to get depends on your priority and budget. For a cheaper iPhone, sacrifices will have to be made on camera quality and screen size. If you want all the functionality of an iPhone without all the glitz and glamour, this phone is just for you.

The most important feature of the iPhone SE is the processor which no analyst was expecting to be added into a cheaper low-cost model. If it had an older chip, you would have to upgrade from an SE 2020 a lot sooner than you would do.

If you’re a keen tech geek that wants your phone to go further than ever before, the SE is not going to cut it. An iPhone 11 Pro has one of the best cameras and designs to complement the iOS operating system. If you were to imagine a luxury phone, it would be the 11 Pro.

Only time will tell if the iPhone 12 comes along and blows everybody’s minds. But it will be a long time before Apple releases another smartphone with such good value for money. The SE 2020 is here to stay for a number of years.

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Matt Weston
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