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Hackers Are Now Holding People Trapped In Smart Chastity Belts To Ransom

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Hackers Are Now Holding People Trapped In Smart Chastity Belts To RansomPen Test Partners/Pixabay

There have been some new developments regarding the hackable smart chastity belt, and it’s probably not what you want to be reading first thing in the morning.

Remember earlier this week when we reported on the ‘smart’ chastity belt that was susceptible to hackers, with reports of victims sustaining gruesome injuries? Yeah, well, it just got worse.


New reports have been flooding across Twitter about how users are still reporting issues with the device – and hackers are now locking the victims in and holding them to ransom.


That’s right, if you thought getting your prized possessions trapped in a machine at the hands of a hacker was bad, imagine receiving a smug message ordering you to pay 0.02 Bitcoin (£168) to free yourself.

That’s what’s happened to a spate of Twitter users over the past few days. It seems hackers have spotted the story and how the manufacturer has failed to completely secure its device, and then capitalised on the horny and vulnerable.


Victims are claiming to have received messages from hackers saying they have lifted personal information from the device’s accompanying app as additional leverage to force the victim to pay up.

Users were told if they don’t pay in the next 48 hours, ‘being locked in will be the least of your problems’.

The Twitter account – an organisation pushing for open-source, safe security standards for smart sex toys – curated a thread showcasing a string of users reporting that they had been held to ransom while locked into their chastity cage.


Other users have reported slightly different experiences. @billychained said after his hacker took over his nether regions, they forgot to actually lock the device and couldn’t blackmail him with other information as he left lvery ittle on his Qiui account. We wouldn’t recommend following that hashtag, though.

According to some user’s reports, Qiui has reached out to retailers stocking its devices asking for them to be stripped from shelves, but some BDSM stores still seem to be selling them


The development has understandably added to the kink in Qiui’s armour of reputation, and it will be interesting to see if users continue to use the device.

The story builds on what broke earlier this week and how Pen Test Partners, a UK-based cyber security testing company, alerted Qiui to the security flaws in its devices back in April 2020, but Quiui did nothing to fix it until very recently.

Pen Test Partners MemePen Test Partners

As Pen Test Partners tried to assist the smart chastity belt maker in remediating the issues, Qiui was remarkably unresponsive or willing to fix the problem.


At one stage, the company told Pen test Partners that because of its small scale operation and limited budget, it couldn’t – or didn’t want to – fix the remaining issues after the main one was fixed.

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