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Tiny portion of GTA 6 map leaked online

Tiny portion of GTA 6 map leaked online

Fans believe the leak suggests the final GTA 6 map will be 'huge'.

A small portion of the GTA VI map has leaked online and fans are already celebrating the prospect of the game having a massive open world.

The internet has been awash with speculation about the sixth major entry into the Grand Theft Auto world after numerous leaks, including a massive unauthorised release of info in September last year.

To tide fans over while the near-decade long wait continues, a screenshot of what touted a map for the new game has surfaced on Reddit.

There isn’t much information in the alleged leaked screenshot however, it does provide some clues leading on from the leak in 2022 when footage from GTA VI appeared to show off gameplay while the game is still in development.

The new screenshot was posted on the discussion website by user pstuddy, with the headline ‘A tiny portion of the world map’.

There appears to be two new alleged images from GTA VI, the one on the left-hand side of the screenshot, shows an unknown character standing in what looks to be a factory yard of some kind. While on the right-hand side, we see a portion of the apparent map.

It’s quite difficult to decipher what’s on the map because of its low resolution, but there looks to be a runway or, as one fan on Reddit speculated, a location based on the Sebring Raceway. There may also be factories, housing, roads and the countryside.

No other details were provided by the leaker, nor did they reveal how they obtained the alleged screenshot.

When one Reddit user asked if the screenshot was something stitched together or a singular screenshot, u/pstuddy explained that it is a ‘fully leaked screenshot’.

It’s always wise to take leaks with a grain of salt however that has not stopped fans from sharing their excitement in the comments.

“Holy sh*t this map is gonna me huge,” one fan commented.

Another GTA player speculated: “It's already 1.5 times bigger and the map doesn't end here, I think it's gonna be even bigger than 1.5 times, hell we don't have the idea how far north the map extends.”

While a third Reddit commenter suggested that the map is to the left because there’s a huge portion we haven’t seen yet: “And the fact that the new map is very left oriented suggests to me that either they didn't make it centred, or there's another land mass somewhere approximately south west in the direction of the Bahamas.

"The entire bottom right square is just water which is very strange for any Rockstar map."

Some eagle-eyed fans also claimed that the new leak lines up with a previous map leak in October.

A release date for GTA VI has yet to be announced but a recent rumour shared by Dexerto suggests the announcement will be made on the 10th anniversary of GTA Online, which would take place in the summer.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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