Facebook Is Merging Instagram DMs And Messenger

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Facebook Is Merging Instagram DMs And MessengerPexels/Facebook

Facebook is merging the direct message features of Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Facebook and Instagram have, unsurprisingly, seen a lot of change over the years, despite many of those changes being seemingly unnecessary. However, this new update could be a pretty big gamechanger.


The tech giant is merging the direct messenger features of both Facebook and Instagram, so people can speak to each other from app to app.

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New cross-app features will apparently see Instagram users be able to use certain things we’ve become used to in Messenger, such as sending selfie stickers, custom emojis, and changing the chat’s colour, The Verge reports.


There’s also the option of being able to watch a video with someone while on video call – the perfect feature for people who religiously tag their mates in funny clips. It’ll be like sending a text to someone in the same room as you, but without the awkward wait for them to receive.

As well as the cross-platform messaging, there will be cross-platform scrolling too, with users being given the option to search for profiles across both apps at the same time. Creepy or impressive? I’ll let you decide.


Along with WhatsApp, the three platforms boast over one billion active monthly users. Though integrating WhatsApp with the Facebook and Instagram messenger services hasn’t been publicly announced, it seems there are behind-the-scenes plans to integrate the three services, CNN reports.


The driving force behind it all is so people who may not have the likes of Instagram or Facebook but do have WhatsApp can still message their friends (and vice versa). The plans for the update were first announced last year.

It’s currently unknown when these new features will become available, though it’s been reported the tech giant ‘began testing the functionality’ of the idea this summer.

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Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, has called the update a ‘massive investment from an infrastructure perspective.’


He continued:

The back end systems that we were sitting on top of were not the same. We had to get to a place where they were similar infrastructure. We had to move features and important things over across both Facebook Messenger, as well as on [Instagram] Direct.

If you’re not loving the idea of the future update, there will also be the option to opt-out of the cross-platform messaging service.

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