Chinese Tech Company Patents Bizarre Phone Design With Eight Cameras

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Chinese Tech Company Patents Bizarre Phone Design With Eight CamerasLetsGoDigital

Lens Technology is known for delivering parts that feature in the products of Samsung, Huawei and Apple. However, the Chinese manufacturer has now patented its own smartphone with no less than eight cameras.

Cameras are undoubtedly an important part of smartphones these days, and many look forward to seeing how the ability to take photos improves with each new phone. The likes of the Samsung S20 5G utilise 5 cameras to deliver a range of options for users, but Lens Technology has pushed this further. The company has secured a patent for a phone with eight cameras on its back, with two of the lenses on each corner.

LetsGoDigital uncovered the patent, but it remains unclear whether a phone with this amount of cameras will enter production.

Lens Tech 8 cameraLetsGoDigital

Lens Technology does not typically create its own phones; instead, the company provides parts for other manufactures. For example, the company is responsible for the screens that feature in the Apple Watch. There is also an oddity in this design, besides its eight cameras on the back, that adds to the mystery of its purpose.

The patent does not feature a front-facing phone, and this seems odd given that it is largely industry standard to have this feature. The omission casts further doubt on whether this kind of phone will ever be produced.

Lens Technology may sell this patent on and use it to secure its parts being used on a new line of phones. However, with the patent not detailing specific camera functions it is unclear why the company would go to the trouble of filing a patent.

Looking forward, phone with eight camera phones may become more commonplace. However, at the moment, it seems unlikely that Lens Technology will be the company to produce the phones themselves.

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