Chinese Mechanic Builds Fully Drivable Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Replica


Chinese Mechanic Builds Fully Drivable Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo ReplicaMechanic Jack / YouTube

A lot of people have dreamed of owning a Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, but few have decided to build it themselves from the ground up. 

A Chinese mechanic and his team have managed to build a fully drivable replica of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, and while it may not be identical to the original concept car, it seems to have been easier to recreate the vehicle than save up for the original, which has only had two owners.


When the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled in 2015, it was purchased for an unspecified price by Prince Badr bin Saud of Saudi Arabia. Safe to say, the vehicle is out of the reach of everyone bar a select few. Nonetheless, Chinese mechanic Jack Lee and his team took a break from repairing heavy trucks to build their own version of the concept car.

Over the course of three videos, Jack shows how they built the car from constructing a frame to using an engine that appears to be a Toyota UZ-series V8. Alongside the building and painting, Jack also adds notes describing what inspired him to build the incredible replica.

Jack explained, ‘When I was a kid, I had a dream to build a Bugatti sport car. It’s time to realize our dream [sic].’


The mechanic noted that this was not an easy endeavour, saying, ‘We try to make it perfect Some parts need to be dismantle and rebuild again. Its a difficult works. Finally its done [sic].’ Understandably, this build seems to have been a difficult process, and it took many months to complete. With that said, when the car was finally painted the result was very impressive.

The car may not have the 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine inside, and it may not fool Bugatti scholars, but it is still an incredible-looking car that sounds like it can pick up some speed.


It seems that Jack managed to achieve his dream over the course of a few months, and the result is a significant achievement that will definitely fool some car fans.

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