Car Mechanic From Year 4,000 Shows What Future Cars Will Apparently Look Like

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Even though they’re such a key part of our daily lives, cars really haven’t been around all that long in the grand scheme of things.

So it’s kind of difficult to imagine what our beloved metal travelling boxes will look like thousands of years from now; after being reinvented countless times by generations of technological geniuses.


Luckily for us, a time traveller from the future has come back to prepare us for what Season 1,000 of Top Gear might look like…

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Enter John. A plucky time traveller from the year 4,000. He claims to have detailed insight about the future of technological advancement which will spook anyone who’s been recently been creeped out by Alexa’s maniacal laugh.

A co-founder of Zucar – one of the leading car building companies of the future – mysterious John has revealed a dismal state of affairs for job prospects within the auto trade industry.


Having travelled extensively throughout the universe, our John has been in the ‘past’ for the last six years. The world he grew up in was (will be?) much different from our own, with no roads on the ground.

John shared a photograph – ‘evidence’ – of his ‘lovely model DR-18.’ These vehicles are apparently extremely easy to drive, with car accidents being ‘impossible.’

You can listen to John’s eerie warnings for yourself in the following clip:

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In a chilling prophetic video – where his face and voice is obscured – John foretold:

By the way, nobody works at our company. Starting from the initial stage to the last, everything is mechanised.

Now you can argue with me it’s the same at your companies, your companies are also mechanised, yeah, and people do not do difficult and hard work.

But your machines are simply the instruments, they cannot replace the person. If there is no human they will turn into pieces of metal.

But in our company, except such kind of machines which do physical work, we have smart machines.

I’m not talking about machines with large functionalities, but about really smart machines which have an artificial intellect which could fully replace the role of human in car building.

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John reportedly enjoys the time zone he’s currently in, which he’s described as being ‘interesting and real.’

In comparison, he’s dismissed the residents of 4,000 AD as being robot-like and without creative art.

However, on the plus side, life expectancy during this time is looking robust, with one of John’s friends having lived to the ripe old age of 600.

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Will John’s revelations come true?

Well, we certainly have a long while to wait and see….

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