This Website Can Help You Sound Like You’re Busier Than You Actually Are At Work

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This Website Can Help You Sound Like You're Busier Than You Actually Are At WorkAlamy/

We’ve all been in a Zoom meeting that’s drained the life out of us and seemed pretty pointless. Well, now there’s a website which could get you out of it by making you sound really busy.

The Busy Simulator helps you to create the illusion that you’re busy with other phone calls and messages coming through to your desktop.

It works by offering the sounds of commonly-used office apps such as Slack, Teams and Outlook – there’s even the sound of a vibrating phone.

Busy Simulator

To use the Busy Simulator, simply have the website loaded, and if you feel the need to show that you’re busy, you click on the desired app and the application-specific sound will repeat every few seconds. Alternatively, you can click on several apps and orchestrate an entire notification nightmare.

To stop the sounds, just click on the app icon again. There’s also a ‘stop all’ button if you need to cut off all the sounds once you’ve finished acting like you’re really busy.

There are nine apps in total you can simulate, and you can also adjust the volume of each sound effect.

Working from home (PA Images)PA Images

The site is the brainchild of computer programmer LA-based Brian Moore. In his website bio, he wrote, ‘I’m Brian Moore. I create interesting things that live on the internet, real life, or somewhere in between.’

In addition to the Busy Simulator, he’s created other work-related escape buttons such as Zoom Out, an actual light pull cord installed next to his desk that he uses to end his Zoom call instantly.

Watch Brian demonstrating the gadget below:

From a vending machine that you can pay for in anger, to artificial intelligence that detects double-dippers at gatherings, Brian has invented all kinds of quirky, fun apps.

He has also helped create more serious stuff, such as the UNICEF Tap Project, which challenged users to go without their phones to earn clean water for people in poor countries. The project was started in 2007 and has won multiple awards.

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