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Apple's latest iPhone unveiling deemed 'darkest' yet with very 'morbid' theme

Apple's latest iPhone unveiling deemed 'darkest' yet with very 'morbid' theme

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 14, but plenty watching thought they went a bit morbid with the launch.

Apple has just unveiled the iPhone 14 along with a new Apple Watch and a new set of AirPods Pro, but plenty thought things got a little dark in the tech giant's product launch.

The iPhone 14 is here, along with the Apple Watch 8, the Apple Watch Ultra and a new set of AirPods which make for a lovely set of spanking new gadgets to get yourself if you've got the money.

Apple teased all sorts of snazzy new features for its devices, but a lot of people thought the tech giant picked a pretty dark theme to show these off to the public.


Its grand Apple Event product launch featured morbid scenarios such as a lady struggling to survive after a plane crash and a man about to be eaten by a bear. Yep, really.

Luckily for these fictitious people in the advert they had the wonderful new Apple Watch to save the day and solve all of their problems by signalling for help.

New sensors on the watch can monitor your health like never before, working out if you're in medical danger and even being able to work out if you've been in a car crash.

Lots of people picked up on the morbid theme and wondered why the company decided to show so many life or death scenarios to sell its new products.

While these are all useful features to have, even if nobody is planning on living a life fraught with car crashes, plane crashes and bear attacks, many thought it was a bit weird that Apple chose this as the selling point of its new slew of tech offerings.

Plenty took to social media to joke that Apple's marketing had taken a dark turn, with one saying the message they were taking away was 'wear an Apple Watch or you will die'.

Another said Apple's sales pitch had all gone a bit 'buy this or die', while a third person said the company 'straight up recreated a plane crash to sell their watches'.

Others said it was an 'interesting choice' from Apple to be advertising its new products with 'morbid possibilities', while others said they were 'leaning into fear and uncertainty' with the advertising pitch.

More thought it was just incredibly strange to watch a mocked up plane crash which ended with the survivor reading a letter about how great the Apple Watch was.

Still, if you are, somehow, ever in a situation where you're having a heart attack and being attacked by a bear all on a plane that's crashing somewhere really remote at least now you know which watch you need to get.

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