Actual Hoverboards Will Be Available To Buy By The End Of Summer


Actual Hoverboards Will Be Available To Buy By The End Of SummerOmni Hoverboards

Hoverboards are finally becoming a reality, but you will have to get saving if you want one this year.

The ability to soar through the sky is an achievement in itself, but to do it on a skateboard-like device has been the dream of many since Back To The Future 2. While a hoverboard isn’t available as quickly and easily as was seen in the fictional Hill Valley in 2015, a similar device will be able to be purchased this year.


Omni Hoverboards will be bringing flying boards to the public this year. According to TMZ, co-founders of Omni Hoverboards Alexandru Duru and Philippe Maalouf, have said that a limited supply of propeller boards will become available between late summer and the end of the year for around $36,000 (USD).  These particular boards will have 10 propellers, and variations are expected to come in the future.

There are also plans for additional models. An eight-propeller model is also in development and is set to be available for a cheaper price of $26,000 when it releases. However, whichever version buyers invest in, it might be a difficult purchase to fully justify at that price point.

With that said, the technology is unique and has already enabled the furthest journey by hoverboard. The record attempt took place over Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. In this effort, the Canadian-based team managed to make the Guinness world record by travelling a total distance of 275.9m.


In the following five years, the team has seemingly gone about making the technology commercially viable. This has included improving the amount of time that the board can stay in the air. The current model can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes. This is significantly longer than other boards which can only hover for a couple of minutes.

Some will see these boards as the future, but it may still be some time before they are as common as other modes of transport. This is primarily because the price makes such a device out of the reach of most. Additionally, the propellers make quite a bit of noise and there isn’t an infrastructure for parking the vehicle. This means it probably isn’t the best choice of vehicle for popping to the shops.

Nonetheless, there will be some who won’t be able to wait to get their hands on the groundbreaking technology. Although, they might want to check the batteries before they go flying into the sky.


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