Simone Biles Hits Back At Controversial Abortion Accusations

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Simone Biles Hits Back At Controversial Abortion AccusationsPA Images

US gymnast Simone Biles has fired back at people manipulating her recent comments about abortion.

The Olympian recently posted a callout for unpopular opinions on her Instagram Stories, with fans sending back fairly generic responses about hating The Office and thinking ‘ketchup is nasty.’

One person wrote ‘abortion is wrong’, to which Biles wrote a lengthy response about her support for pro-choice, also acknowledging her experience in foster care and the expense of adoption.

‘I already know this is going to start the biggest argument and may even lose followers BUT… I’m very much pro-choice. Your body. Your choice,’ she wrote.

‘Also for everyone gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption’, it’s not that easy and coming from someone who was in the foster care system TRUST me… foster care system is broken and it’s tough, especially on the kids and young adults who age out, and adoption is expensive, I’m just saying,’ Biles added.

Taking to Twitter, one user named ‘youngbluewoollyjumper’ wrote: ‘Thoughts with all the kids in the foster care system today being told by @Simone_Biles that their lives are worth nothing and are better off dead.’

Biles caught sight of the tweet and debunked his false, misleading claims. ‘DO NOT misconstrue my words. That is not at all what I implied. I did NOT say I support to abort rather than to put them through the foster care system. What I did imply is that you should not control someone else’s body/decision. Let’s be real what you care about is control,’ she wrote.

‘I have forever and will continue to support foster kids. AS I WAS ONE. I’ve been an advocate for foster kids and the system but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t follow me, you just like to open your mouth… also if you have a fake account don’t even talk to me. Y’all p*ss me off to no end. I’m done because you’ll twist my words however it feels fitting to spew hate,’ Biles added.

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