Logan Paul Makes Bold Claim About Meeting Mike Tyson In The Ring

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Logan Paul Makes Bold Claim About Meeting Mike Tyson In The RingFight Hub TV/YouTube/Alamy

Logan Paul seems confident he knows what would happen if he met boxing legend Mike Tyson in the ring as the YouTuber shared his thoughts on a potential bout. 

Paul hasn’t taken part in a professional bout since he went head-to-head with Floyd Mayweather in June, and though no official winner was declared in that fight, it’s worth noting Paul was reported to have landed 28 of his 217 punches, while Mayweather made contact on 43 of his 107.

His record currently stands at 0 wins, 1 loss and 0 draws after he lost to fellow YouTuber KSI, but despite being yet to secure a win, Paul is confident he’d be good competition for Tyson.

Hear the YouTuber discuss a potential fight below:

At 55 years old, Tyson has taken on a total of 58 fights throughout his career, securing 50 wins – 44 of which were by knockout – and just six losses.

Following his bout with Mayweather, there have been rumours Paul may step into the ring with Tyson, and the YouTuber discussed the possibility of fighting the 55-year-old in a video shared by Fight Hub TV, making the bold claim he would ‘f*cking beat Mike Tyson’.

The YouTuber justified his claim by alleging Tyson is ‘too old’, while Paul, who is 26 years old, described himself as having ‘the reflexes of a cat; like a young, quick feline.’

He continued:

We saw with Floyd, dude. There’s no f*cking reason that I should have been able to last – not just last, Floyd’s on my highlight reel dog. There’s no reason that should be possible.

Mike Tyson (Alamy)Alamy

Paul stressed Tyson is ‘aging’, saying, ‘Father time takes a toll on everyone. What happens, I go in there… knock him out, for what?’

When it comes to the idea of promoting such a fight, Paul said he ‘wouldn’t be able to fake’ beef with Tyson because he ‘loves’ him, describing a potential bout between the pair as a ‘friendly competition’.

Speaking to YouTube channel Seconds Out, per the Mail Online, Paul said it was ‘offensive’ that people didn’t believe he could win against Tyson and admitted he was ‘kind of considering it, just to shut people the f*ck up’.

However, he questioned what the point of the fight would be, adding, ‘What’s the f*cking win here? I prove everyone wrong and go, ‘yeah I did it’. And a legend who I respect and love dearly is sitting on the floor. F*ck that.’

Though Paul appears to think the fight would be a bad idea, Tyson has made clear he’d be willing step into the ring with the 26-year-old, as he responded ‘hell yeah’ when questioned about the prospect.

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