Ben Askren Explains His ‘Embarrassing’ Defeat To Jake Paul

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Ben Askren Explains His 'Embarrassing' Defeat To Jake PaulSportsCenter/scrowder/Twitter

After losing to Jake Paul, Ben Askren has explained his attitude towards his ’embarrassing’ defeat.

The former UFC star went head-to-head with the YouTuber on Saturday, April 17. While many expected Askren to come out on top, given his MMA experience and having been on the receiving end of some nasty blows, Paul emerged victorious with a TKO victory less than two minutes into the fight.

Afterwards, Askren was extremely candid about the loss, joking how he deserves to be ridiculed, it’s ’embarrassing’ to be knocked out by Paul, and saying he’s just delighted with the large payday. In a new interview, he’s discussed the aftermath of the match further.

Speaking with Steven Crowder on his Louder with Crowder podcast, Askren said: ‘Some people are just like… they all took it seriously.’

He went on to say how he was quite explicit about doing it for the money and thinking it would be ‘a good time’ after boxing with friends in high school. ‘I trained hard for 11 weeks, I didn’t miss a practice and it just didn’t go my way. We knew he had a good overhand right and I’m a dumbass and didn’t block it,’ he said.

Askren also conceded his defence was ‘a little too loose’ and he didn’t stop reacting to Paul’s fakes, as his coaches were instructing from the side of the ring. ‘I paid the price,’ he said.

He continued: ‘I think one of the things that really separates me from a lot of people is I could have very easily sat on my couch and said… I don’t wanna do that because there’s a potential I’ll be embarrassed. That would have been the only reason I wouldn’t have done it, there’s no other valid reason, and I said I’m gonna do it so f*ck it I’m gonna do it.’

It comes amid speculation from viewers that the fight was in someway rigged, either due to Askren’s lack of trying in the ring or Paul’s handiwork himself. Many cite how easily he went down with a punch he’d typically be expected to take in his fighting career, in addition to him walking away smiling with his family just minutes after the bout was stopped.

Prior to the fight, Askren also tweeted: ‘People love fist fights. People love circuses. Hope you enjoy tonight.’ In the wake of his defeat, he wrote: ‘Well don’t say I wasn’t upfront about it.’

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