Athlete Gives Rare Behind The Scenes Look At Olympic Village


Athlete Gives Rare Behind The Scenes Look At Olympic Village@codymelphy/TikTok

A US athlete has given fans an incredible behind-the-scenes look at the Olympic Village for Tokyo 2020. 

This year’s village is located in Harumi, an island district of Chūō, Tokyo, and boasts 21 residential buildings with more than 5,000 units and a communal building built with 40,000 pieces of Japanese timber.


With the culmination of years, if not a lifetime, of hard work and a nation’s hopes on their shoulders, competitors need a place to really tune out and relax. While not all stories from the village have been positive, it’s been compared to an amazing ‘summer camp’ online.

The Olympic village in Tokyo. (PA Images)PA Images

Cody Melphy, a rugby player for Team USA, shared an extensive tour of the hub on TikTok, captioned, ‘Things that just make sense in the Olympic village.’

First off, you can see separate housing for all the country’s teams, before getting a look inside the bedrooms. These have been particularly controversial, with what were rumoured to be ‘anti-sex’ beds constructed using cardboard not being particularly comfortable for the athletes.


We get a brief glimpse of the 24/7 dining room for all the athletes at the games, serving up more than 700 meal options. You can get pasta, pizza, sushi, stir fry, deep-fried camembert, gyozas and gluten-free, vegan and halal options. Athletes also must sanitise their hands upon entry and put on a pair of gloves before touching any trays or food.


There’s also an on-site laundry service, a large bus station for transporting athletes around the city, autonomous cars to get around the village, thorough security and the classic Olympic touches, like the rings and ‘boulevard of flags’.

Dangerously, if you’re addicted to fizzy drinks like me, there’s a free Coca-Cola machine and team rooms with game consoles and healthy snacks. Of course, there’s also amazing views of the Tokyo Bay.


Within two days, the TikTok has amassed more than 18.2 million views. ‘This honestly just feels like a royal summer camp,’ one user commented. ‘Leave it to Japan to be so organised and efficient,’ another commented. ‘Sounds fun till you actually have to do the sport,’ another joked.

Some have taken against how luxurious it is, arguing the money should be poured into more important areas, like helping the homeless. ‘It’s okay to stop being social warriors for five mins to enjoy watching athletes enjoy performing their passion,’ one argued in response.

‘So many bitter people in the comments. Stay mad y’all, they’re going to keep enjoying this experience,’ another wrote.


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