The Universe May Have ‘Been Created In A Lab By Aliens’, Scientist Says

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The Universe May Have 'Been Created In A Lab By Aliens', Scientist SaysAlamy

Conspiracy theories don’t get much wilder than this: a Harvard scientist has suggested that aliens made the universe. 

If you needed a theory to blow your mind on a dreary Tuesday afternoon, and like a good episode of Black Mirror, make you question your whole life’s existence, then this is it.

Avi Loeb is a theoretical physicist and the former chair of Harvard’s astronomy department, who believes that an ‘advanced technological civilisation’ created the entire universe from a lab.

Universe Grown By Aliens (Alamy) Alamy

In trying to work out what happened prior to the big bang, Loeb has suggested that due to the ‘flat geometry with zero net energy’ of the Earth, a ‘baby universe’ could have been created by aliens ‘out of nothing through quantum tunnelling’, he penned in Scientific American.

Quantum mechanics and gravity are two pillars of modern physics, however, Loeb noted how humans have been unable to predict a theory around them. Instead, the 59-year-old philosophises that such an accomplishment may have been achieved by aliens, who could have ‘mastered the technology of creating baby universes’.

If such a discovery were proven true, then the universe humans live in would be shown to be ‘like a biological system that maintains the longevity of its genetic material through multiple generations,’ Loeb said.

Universe Created By Aliens (Alamy)Alamy

Other theories surrounding the origin of our universe reference vacuum fluctuation, our universe being cyclic, ‘selected by anthropic principle’ or having emerged from a black hole.

However, Loeb’s alien theory would show extraterrestrials are ‘drivers of the cosmic Darwinian selection process’ as humans have not yet been able to reproduce the universe in such a way.

Describing Earth’s civilisation as ‘not a particularly smart one’, off the back of his new theory, Loeb advises scientists to look ‘humbly through new telescopes […] and search for smarter kids on our cosmic block’.

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