Testicle Cooling Device Set To Go On Sale This Year

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I need any help keeping my bits cold at the moment.

It’s the beginning of January, and I’m currently sitting indoors underneath four layers of clothing, and before I go outside, I’ll probably put on another four.


Come summer however, and these things could come in handy – a company is now selling a ‘testicle cooler’, in a bid to improve male fertility.

Wearing it, I imagine, will be like that secret, toasty feeling you get while wearing two pairs of socks, except it’ll be on your balls and they’ll be cooler than the Fonz hitting a jukebox in a diner.


Made by CoolTec, the new device is called the CoolMen, and has been designed to help tackle the rising numbers of male infertility, by keeping the testicles at a cooler temperature, thereby increasing the production of sperm.


According to the company’s website:

CoolMen device restores the natural process of sperm production and thus in a short time greatly improves the semen and thus improve the couple’s fertility.

CoolMen is an innovative device that stabilizes the temperature of the testicles in the optimum range. In a short time, CoolMen significantly improves semen parameters, contributing to increased fertility of the pair. [sic]

According to CoolTec, the temperature of a man’s testicles has an effect on infertility in 60 per cent of men. A rise in temperature of just one degree celsius can cause a decrease of sperm by 40 per cent.



The device can record data about temperature, time of use, and activity (sleep, sitting, physical activity etc). It connects to the user’s smartphone for the data to be analysed by an andrologist.

The new technology is currently the only device in the world which can lower and maintain a constant temperature of the testicles, and offers a non-invasive alternative to infertility treatment.

Male infertility can be caused by a number of factors, including: tight clothing, spending a lot time driving or sitting at a computer, and frequent use of a sauna.

The new device is designed to be discreet, and is completely invisible when worn under clothing.


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