NASA Astronaut Claims To Have Seen Alien Snake Floating In Earth’s Atmosphere


NASA Astronaut Claims To Have Seen Alien Snake Floating In Earth's AtmosphereNASA/wakeupnews4u/YouTube

A former NASA astronaut believes he saw a large snake floating through space. 

We recently reported that more than 10% of the UK public believe they’ve seen a UFO. All across the world, year after year, sightings and reports of unidentified aerial phenomena flood the web – whether it’s experimental aircraft or extraterrestrials, we don’t know.


However, the most damning accounts come from the experts. While there’s conspiracy theories over what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw on the moon, Franklin Story Musgrave once spoke of a eight-foot snake ‘out there’ in space, which he couldn’t fully explain.

During an interview on Sightings in 1995, as per How & Whys, Musgrave explained: ‘On two of my missions, and I still don’t have an answer, um, I have seen, a snake out there, six seven eight feet long. It is rubbery because it has internal waves in it and it follows you for a rather long period of time.’

He added: ‘The more you fly in space the more you see an incredible amount of things out there and that sort of brings to you, really a certainty, that other living creatures are out there. Some incredibly primitive, more primitive, some just ah just proteins coming together, amino acids and some just single-cell organisms and other civilisations that have been around for a million years that are doing unimaginable kinds of things.’


Musgrave spoke of the same snake in an interview with Omni Magazine, earlier saying: ‘On two flights I’ve seen and photographed what I call the snake, like a seven-foot eel swimming out there.’ However, he did concede ‘it may be an uncritical rubber seal from the main engines.’

When asked what he thought was out there in the wider galaxy, he said: ‘Living creatures far more developed as civilisations… that’s why I make an effort to communicate, and might be considered eccentric because I do, because I know the probabilities are close to zero. But I do tell them to come down and get me.’

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