Former US Air Force Photographer Claims He Was Part Of A UFO Cover-Up

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Former US Air Force Photographer Claims He Was Part Of A UFO Cover-UpBob Sales/YouTube/Alamy

The US Air Force has been accused of a UFO cover-up by a former employee, whose role it was to photograph early US nuclear missiles. 

Dr Robert Jacobs claims he accidentally caught a ‘saucer-shaped craft’ on camera, believing he was ‘part of a US Air Force cover-up’ in the early 1960s.

Jacobs led a team who were required to make high-resolution films of missile launches to help scientists understand why ‘in those days a lot of missiles blew up on the launchpad’.

In discussion with retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas from the Paradigm Research group about alien interference in nuclear tests, Jacobs described what he managed to record on September 14, 1964.

Former US Air Force Photographer Claims UFO Cover Up (Alamy) Alamy

Jacobs described that his job was to use an ultra-high resolution camera to record a US nuclear-capable missile as it went over California at around 8,000mph, Daily Star reports. To make sure it went undetected by Soviet defences, the missile had a radar chaff dispenser.

However, the next day, Jacobs claims he was summoned into the office by Major Florenze J Mansmann as a result of the recording.

Initially not understanding why he was being questioned, upon watching the footage, Jacobs soon realised the problem.

According to Jacobs, in the footage, a saucer-shaped UFO had been captured firing rays at the US missile. He was initially accused of playing a trick on his bosses, however, when they realised he had not known about the sighting either, he was asked for his interpretation.

Jacobs claimed that upon responding to his superior officer that it looked like a ‘UFO’, he was told by Mansmann ‘never to say that again’ and ‘as far as you’re concerned that never happened’. Jacobs believes that two members of the CIA were also present at the meeting.

Since speaking out about his sighting, 17 years later, Jacobs says he’s received threats and ominous phone calls. However, he thinks the footage is ‘the most important even in the history of mankind’ and so does not regret revealing the secret.

In an interview with CNN, Jacobs described the object on the recording as ‘shaped like two sausages, put together with a golf ball on top and it fired a beam, which we assume was a plasma beam, at a dummy warhead and knocked it out of space.’

‘Tell me in 1964, who that technology pal, not us, not the Russians and nobody I know of?’ he said.

The retired USAF lieutenant completely believes in the presence of UFOs due to the alleged film recording he viewed.

Jacobs questioned CNN reporters as to why he would lie. ‘I was there. I saw the film with my own eyes. Why would I lie? I’m a university professor which a PhD and a lot of years of good, respected research […] so don’t call me a liar, you weren’t there, I was,’ he said.

Jacobs concluded by stating his strong belief that ‘we are not alone’.

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    'I was part of UFO cover-up' says former US Air Force photographer

Poppy Bilderbeck
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