Amateur Photographer Captures Moment International Space Station Flies Past During Isolation

Julia Banim


Amateur Photographer Captures Moment International Space Station Flies Past During IsolationTriangle News

An amateur photographer has managed to capture beautiful images of the International Space Station flying past Earth during isolation; soaring 250 miles above our home planet.

The satellite orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, travelling through a mind-boggling 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours.

For the next fortnight, those in the UK will be able to see it lighting up the night sky; giving the appearance of a very bright star shooting through the skies.

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James Newman, of London, managed to capture some absolutely brilliant pics of the ISS from his garden, using his phone rather than a fancy camera.

The clearness of the night sky meant James was able to use a long exposure, with the camera snapping one photograph as the ISS passed over.

The route of the spacecraft is clearly visible by observing the bright line of light captured by James.

According to James:

With the current lockdown, I checked online to find out what time the ISS would appear over my area. I have a standard tripod and a mobile phone, which allows a long exposure.

This keeps the lens open for a certain amount of time and compiles it into one photo. Just to sit in your garden, at this moment in time, and watch the stars is so relaxing.

There are many satellites that pass over our region, which can be tracked on mobile apps, so it gives you time to get set up before they fly over.

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James was able to capture these pictures over the course of several nights this week, and there is still time to spot the ISS for yourself if you haven’t done already.

The satellite will be flying about the UK between the hours of 6.30pm and 10.30pm right up until April 4, meaning there’s still a bit of time left to brush up on your photography skills. The timing will depend on the day and, of course, on whereabouts you’re located in the country.

The ISS really is an incredible feat of technology. Occupied by an international crew of three astronauts, it speeds around the Earth at around 29 times faster than a commercial plane.

Inside the craft, the space is bigger than a six-bedroom home, and includes a gym and a 360-degree viewing gallery.

There may be an awful lot going on in the world right now, but it’s photographs like this that make you remember just how vast and beautiful and fascinating the universe truly is.

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Julia Banim
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