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Marjorie Taylor Greene still believes Antifa is responsible for the January 6 Capitol insurrection

Marjorie Taylor Greene still believes Antifa is responsible for the January 6 Capitol insurrection

The controversial Georgian representative has once again backflipped on her feelings toward the riots.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that she still believes that Antifa was responsible for the January 6 Capitol riots, and no one can convince her otherwise.

Wrap up the investigation folks, the Georgian Republican has solved the case. 

Investigators have been looking into the events of that day when a mob of Trump supporters attempted to prevent Congress from counting electoral college votes and formalising President Biden’s election.

However, after putting on her investigation glasses, otherwise known as conspiracy theory glasses, Greene has claimed the insurrection was actually started by anti-fascist protestors pretending to be Trump followers.

Speaking with another 2020 election conspiracy theorist, Mike Lindell, she shared her unsupported nonsense.

She said: “I was very upset. I never expected anything like that. And when that happened I thought, this is Antifa, and no one can convince me it was so-called Trump supporters, and we know there’s a lot wrong there, and I cannot wait for a real investigation.”

Ah yes, a real investigation and not that one that has been going on for over a year now.

The House’s ongoing, year-long probe into the riots has featured sworn testimonies from former Trump followers and White House staff who detailed how Trump’s rhetoric and election loss lit the match for the invasion of the Capitol.

Greene has also denied that her comments a day before the riot, where she said ‘this is our 1776 moment’, was a secret call for the violence. 

References to 1776 have been argued to have been a nod toward the year that the US declared independence from Britain and triggered a war. 

MTG’s latest comments unsurprisingly contradict much of her previous comments made about the happenings on January 6.

Previously, the Georgian representative has claimed that although the rioters were violently seeking a re-installation of President Trump, the American constitution actually advocates for such demonstrations.

While condemning the BLM protests in 2020, she claimed the racial-justice protests were ‘an attack on innocent American people, whereas January 6th was just a riot in the Capitol’.

Adding: “And if you think about what our Declaration of Independence says, it says to overthrow tyrants.

“So there’s a clear difference between January 6th and the Marxist-communist revolution that Antifa, BLM, Democrat ground troops waged on the American people in 2020.”

Meanwhile, text messages between Greene and then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the attack which were published back in April 2022, revealed she urged Trump to ‘calm people’.

Her text message read: “Please tell the President to calm people. This isn’t the way to solve anything.”

But if Antifa were responsible for the attacks, surely that would mean Mr Trump would have no sway in stopping the insurrection. 

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