YouTuber Opens Note Given To Them In High School More Than A Decade Ago


YouTuber Opens Note Given To Them In High School More Than A Decade AgoCherry Pie Man/YouTube

We all remember passing notes to friends in high school, but while many of us will have opened these notes straight away, this YouTuber kept one unopened for more than a decade.

User Cherry Pie Man shared a video of himself opening the note – which instructed him to open it yesterday, April 11, 2021 – and explained that he had waited more than 10 years to unveil the note’s contents.


The description for the video read, ‘My friend gave me this note in class, and I waited over 10 years! New Zealand time, by the way. I opened it exactly when it was supposed to be opened!’

Check it out:

Sharing the video on YouTube just 24 hours ago, it’s already accumulated more than one million views.


While you’d hope to have been given the codes to a safe with millions of dollars inside, or the directions to where you could dig up some pirate’s treasure, the note very anticlimactically read, ‘Wassup?’.

I can’t decide if I’m more mad or disappointed…

One person commented on the video that the YouTuber should respond with another note telling the person to wait another 10 years.

They wrote, ‘Find the person that gave you this, and write them a note to open in 10 years that says “not much you?”. This idea proved pretty popular, with 13,000 people liking the comment.

Cherry Pie Man/YouTubeCherry Pie Man/YouTube

Another YouTube user joked, ‘Your friend trolled an entire website into anticipation for… “wassup?”‘, and you can’t help but congratulate the original note-writer for creating so much hype for something so simple.’

YouTube itself also replied to the video calling on Cherry Pie Man to find the person and send a reply back. The YouTuber responded to the comment explaining that he had remained friends with the original note-writer for all this time, and that the two of them opened the note together.



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