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‘World’s Most Expensive Trash Bag’ Released By Balenciaga

‘World’s Most Expensive Trash Bag’ Released By Balenciaga

You can pay an obscene amount of money for a glorified bin bag.

We’re all guilty of a lavish purchase sometimes and treat ourselves to an expensive item that has caught our eyes.

For some, this may be a brand-new pair of trainers or even a designer handbag. However, I’m not sure many would want to spend their hard-earned cash on something you would use to take out the rubbish.

But the guys and girls at Balenciaga clearly disagree, after launching what is being known as the "world's most expensive trash bag." Yes, you read that correctly.

After all, when we’re taking the rubbish out, I’m sure we’d like to do it with a bit more glamour! With the ongoing cost of living crisis, it is heartening to read that people can spend $1,790 (£1,470) on the cownskin Trash Pouch.

The product was unveiled back in March, as models walked down the runway holding their bags of rubbish in the midst of a fake blizzard.

There was also a message of solidarity with Ukrainian families fleeing the conflict with Russia, but I’m sure those affected could think of better ways to spend almost £1,500.

These bags are the brainchild of creative director Demna Gvasalia, who told WWD in quotes published by the Independent: “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

“The pouches – resembling plastic trash bags – are made out of calfskin leather, and are offered in black, blue, yellow and white colorways. Balenciaga’s logo is subtly printed on the front.”

Gvasalia has a track record of making unnecessarily expensive items, after putting a pair of torn and dirty trainers on the market for an outrageous fee of $1,850 (£1,500). This was apparently greeted with disgust in China, and it’s not being viewed upon too fondly where this writer resides in South East England either!

Fortunately, this writer isn’t alone in thinking that the product is absolutely absurd, judging by the numerous comments which concur on Twitter.

One said: “It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”

Meanwhile, another sarcastically added: “If you don’t see the beauty in the Balenciaga trash bag you just don’t understand fashion. It only costs $1,790.”

With the recurring bin strikes at present within the UK, you wouldn’t get much use out of them either here at present.

Maybe the recycling and rubbish collections are much more frequent where Demma lives!

Featured Image Credit: Balenciaga

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