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World's Busiest Port In Chaos As China Introduces New Policies

World's Busiest Port In Chaos As China Introduces New Policies

Shanghai's strict covid policy has caused traffic to flood into one of the world's busiest ports.

Shanghai's strict Covid-19 policy has caused traffic to flood into one of the world's busiest ports and cause absolute chaos.

If you've been waiting eagerly for deliveries from overseas, only for them to be severely delayed, this could be why as Shanghai's strict zero-Covid policy has caused queue spikes at one of the world's busiest ports.

A digital satellite image of the east-coast port shows the incredible amount of ships waiting around the port as Shanghai puts residents into yet another lockdown.

The overwhelming traffic at Shanghai's port as seen on a digital satellite map.

According to World Port Source, the Shanghai port is used to dealing with around 2,000 ships a month. But it is now overwhelmed and facing unprecedented queues, causing delivery delays worldwide.

With supply chain expert David Leaney has warned of how the overstretched port could cause issues with Australian deliveries for the rest of the year, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Speaking on the Today Show today (30 April), Leaney said: "It is impacting a lot of different items, if you've ordered white goods, furniture, clothes, you're in for major delays.

"In terms of delays, we are talking weeks to months... If you have ordered a larger item, or particularly something that has a microchip in it because they have separate supply chain issues - you are in for quite lengthy delays."

And these delays could last for some time, with the expert saying that they could be expected for the 'rest of 2022.'

A police car seen outside a residential compound during a lockdown in Shanghai.

News of the severe port delays comes as Shanghai is in the midst of yet another lockdown.

26 million residents in the city are banned from leaving their homes once again as the country sticks to its strict zero covid policy.

A clip released on social media site Weibo showed the strict rules under life in lockdown. While the clip and several others like it were removed from the site, the footage remained circulating on the internet.

The footage showed people singing from the windows of an apartment complex, emphasising the sense of community in the restricted area.

However, this communal activity was quickly dampened by a government drone that flies overhead.

"Please comply with Covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing," an automated voice message from the drone said, according to The Economist's Alice Su.

Many compared the drone to Black Mirror, the eerie series that plays out different dystopian scenarios.

"Being scolded by drones with the message to ‘control your soul’s desire for freedom’ makes Black Mirror look dated," one person tweeted.

It is not yet clear when Shanghai's lockdown will end, but port delays can be expected for quite some time.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/9News

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