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Students shown video of c-section to see if they could handle med school and get completely horrified

Students shown video of c-section to see if they could handle med school and get completely horrified

They were shown the video as a way to see if they could stomach the grisly realities of practising medicine

A video shows the horrified faces of aspiring medics as they witness what a caesarian section looks like.

The medical profession is one of the most respected career paths you can take.

Whether you're going in as a doctor, an allied health professional, or a nurse, the field is quite rightly held in the highest esteem, and not without good reason.

Like many well-respected jobs, medicine exposes you to some of the most stressful scenarios you can imagine.

After all, at times someone's life can quite literally be in your hands.

And, of course, that also means that you would probably do better if you are not the squeamish sort around things like bodily fluids, open wounds, or someone coming into the ER with bits of them missing or pointing in the wrong direction.

Either that, or having to tell the mom of a 17-year-old that her child died in a car crash.

As I said, there are very good reasons that medicine is a well-respected profession.

Students were a little repulsed by what they saw. (TikTok / @rcsi_studentlife)
Students were a little repulsed by what they saw. (TikTok / @rcsi_studentlife)

Aspiring medics were given a glimpse into this to see how they might react when they were shown a video of a caesarian section.

The routine procedure sees surgeons making an incision into the abdomen to deliver a baby when an expectant parent either can't or prefers not to give birth vaginally.

A C-Section can be either an elective surgery or can be used in an emergency when medics need to get a baby or babies out urgently, for example, if the patient's life is in danger.

But while this is a common procedure which has saved countless lives, for someone not accustomed to it, you can't deny it would be a lot to watch it.

And that's abundantly clear from the facial expressions on the students who are watching the video.

Some of them simply can't watch the video at all and cover their eyes or look away from it until the procedure is done.

Some of the students seemed just fine. (TikTok / @rcsi_studentlife)
Some of the students seemed just fine. (TikTok / @rcsi_studentlife)

Others watch but are left open-mouthed by exactly what medics witness in their working day.

But a couple of the students in the video went very much against the grain of most of the people who were left averting their eyes from the procedure.

One was looking apparently unaffected by the video, meanwhile, another looked with interest while taking a swig from a drink.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "Ah, the initiation into the world of medicine! Because nothing says 'welcome to the profession' quite like a front-row seat to the miracle of life... or the reality check of it."

Another wrote: "Time to switch to kinesiology, psychology, or history major."

A third posted: "I see a few students in here who are gonna be just fine. The rest... rofl."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rcsi_studentlife

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