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Scary simulator shows what could happen in the event of a nuclear disaster
Featured Image Credit: X/@historyinmemes

Scary simulator shows what could happen in the event of a nuclear disaster

A team of researchers uncovered what would happen to the buildings and people surrounding the explosion.

Researchers have revealed what it would look like if a nuclear explosion occurred.

You may've seen - or heard, if you were in a different room watching Barbie - the sound of an atomic bomb going off in Oppenheimer, but do you know what effect one could have on its surroundings if it went off today?

Well, a team of researchers have harnessed the power of technology to predict what could happen.

Warning: Contains simulation of explosion:

A team of researchers from the University of Nicosia (UNIC) in Cyprus looked into what would happen in the event of a nuclear explosion, and how it could impact surrounding buildings and people.

Titled Nuclear explosion impact on humans indoors, the paper investigated what would happen if an intercontinental ballistic missile caused an atomic bomb explosion.

Using advanced computer modeling, the team created two videos showing how such an explosion would alter the temperature of its surroundings, alongside how the sheer force of the air the explosion would generate could impact buildings and people.

And if you wanted to see a simulation of what it looks like from a person's point of view on the ground, well another video has been shared to X - formerly known as Twitter - by Historic Vids (@historyinmemes), and it's pretty horrifying.

You may've seen it portrayed in Oppenheimer, but what actually happens if a nuclear explosion takes place?

The video - posted to X on Monday (15 January) - shows a man standing at the bottom of a building in a city.

The view then pans up the building until it reaches the roof, the shot looking down over the city.

In the distance, an explosion goes off, clouds of smoke billowing into the air and while it initially doesn't appear to affect its surroundings, out of nowhere, debris suddenly explodes all over the screen.

But what should you do if you - like the man in the video - are on the ground near a building in the event of such an explosion?

Well, the UNIC team's study also looked at how people should react to try and stay as safe as possible.

Lead author Professor Dimitris Drikakis says, as per UNIC's website: "Before our study, the danger to people inside a concrete-reinforced building that withstands the blast wave was unclear. Our study shows that high airspeeds remain a considerable hazard and can still result in severe injuries or even fatalities.”

So, where's the best place to be if an explosion of this magnitude should ever happen?

Well, Dr Ioannis Kokkinakis explains the 'most dangerous critical indoor locations to avoid' consist of 'the windows, the corridors, and the doors'.

The doctor advises: "People should stay away from these locations and immediately take shelter. Even in the front room facing the explosion, one can be safe from the high airspeeds if positioned at the corners of the wall facing the blast."

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