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Cage fighter suffers another brutal blow as he proposes to girlfriend after losing fight and she says no

Cage fighter suffers another brutal blow as he proposes to girlfriend after losing fight and she says no

The fighter had already taken a loss that day, but sadly things were only about to get worse for him

An MMA fighter had a day that only went from bad to a whole lot worse after he lost a fight.

The cringe-inducing moment happened recently at the Clash of the Stars in the Czech Republic in front of some 20,000 fans.

Cage fighter Lukas Bukovaz had just lost a match, which is not great but in any sport you are going to take wins and losses, it's part of it.

But in a moment which may have helped to claw back something from the defeat, Bukovaz asked his girlfriend into the ring.

The fighter then got down on one knee and proceeded to pop the question to his partner in front of the entire crowd.

But despite the cheers erupting from the audience, her reaction made it clear that something was most definitely not okay.

As the crowd cheered, the woman awkwardly held her hand up to her face, looking visibly very uncomfortable in the massively weird situation.

And once Bukovaz was done asking her to marry him, he got dealt another savage blow.

That did not go to plan... (Instagram/@clashofthestars)
That did not go to plan... (Instagram/@clashofthestars)

That's because not only did she refuse his proposal, she went on to accuse him of cheating, all in front of a live audience.

She said: "Based on everything that's happened, I think probably not," adding: "I don't think so."

Bukovaz looked crestfallen as he knelt on the floor, to put it rather mildly.

Meanwhile the audience's cheers quickly turned to boos after the woman made it clear she did not want to marry him.

Not only did Bukovaz lose the fight, but the fight had been a two versus one fight, where he had been part of the two.

So it's fair to say that the loss was pretty unexpected.

People piled into the comments on social media to share their agonising second-hand embarrassment for, well, frankly everyone involved.

That's just brutal for everyone involved. (Instagram/@clashofthestars)
That's just brutal for everyone involved. (Instagram/@clashofthestars)

One used the incident as a way to remind people to count their blessings, saying: "Remember, things can always be worse.. you can LOSE a 2 v 1 fight (where you were part of the 2) and immediately have your proposal rejected right after.... oof."

Another echoed the sentiment, saying: "Bruh, you just lost a fight, and public proposals are awful, you get the Double L."

Someone else pointed out that a public proposal places an unfair amount of pressure on the person being proposed to, commenting: "She’s not obligated to say yes, his fault for doing something so personal in public."

Look on the bright side though, things can only get better after that.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@clashofthestars

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