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Woman left McDonald’s Big Mac out for over a year and the results are horrifying

Woman left McDonald’s Big Mac out for over a year and the results are horrifying

Suffice to say the burger was no longer safe for consumption by anything other than the bacteria it was probably riddled with

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left out a Big Mac for a year?

Well regardless of whether you've ever wondered that, one woman has put it to the test to see what's left of a Big Mac after it's left out for a year.

Naa Adjeley Tsofanye took to TikTok to share what had happened to the burger left to a long, drawn-out end.

But there was perhaps one part of the burger's unfortunate journey which was particularly alarming.

Normally, if you leave out meat you would reasonably expect there to be some visible signs of decay after a few days.

Even if it's kept in the fridge it won't last forever.

If you left a cooked chicken out it wouldn't it take long to take on a nauseating smell, or even to spot the disconcerting movement of maggots among the festering bones.

But the fate of the Big Mac was altogether less visibly dramatic.

It was looking a bit too good for a whole year. (Naa-Adjeley/TikTok)
It was looking a bit too good for a whole year. (Naa-Adjeley/TikTok)

When Naa Adjeley donned gloves and dismantled the burger she was presented with an extremely dry burger.

But despite having been out for a year, there didn't appear to be any visible signs of decay in the food.

Most surprisingly, it was the lettuce on the burger, which was still somehow more or less intact.

Of all the things you would not expect to last that long, lettuce is definitely up there.

And in case you were wondering, the burger was not kept in a fridge, with the TikToker telling a viewer that she kept it on top of a bookcase in her living room.

That's more than a little unsettling!

As a caveat, the burger would definitely not be safe to eat despite not having any visible issues.

The lettuce was somehow still looking verdant. (Naa-Adjeley/TikTok)
The lettuce was somehow still looking verdant. (Naa-Adjeley/TikTok)

There may be all manner of bacteria which are invisible to the naked eye and which could lead to all manner of food poisoning.

Speaking in the video, Naa Adjeley said: “There is no sign of mould", adding about the lettuce: "As you can see [it's] very much still green."

When she picked it off and rubbed it between her fingers she even found that there was still some water left in it.

She questioned how it could be 'possible' that 'lettuce that is not connected to the root, has not been watered, has not been out in the sun, has managed to retain its colours.'

One person joked in the comments: "And THATS why I ask for no lettuce/salad."

Another wrote: "How do I always get brown lettuce in mine then"

A third made a suggestion for another experiment, commenting: "You need a control, regular lettuce on another plate to compare later."

Maybe she should give Liz Truss a call?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/tsofanye

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