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'Imbecile' tourist set to pay 'hefty fine' as he damages famous Italy fountain by climbing it for selfie
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@DarioNardella

'Imbecile' tourist set to pay 'hefty fine' as he damages famous Italy fountain by climbing it for selfie

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, but not like that!

Everyone loves to take a few snaps on holiday, after all they are the perfect way to torment your family and friends with endless pictures of the beach.

This is us going to the beach, this is us on the beach, this is us coming back from the beach... Please, no more.

But one 22-year-old German tourist in Italy has taken trying to get the perfect holiday photo to the next level after climbing onto a 450-year-old fountain in an attempt to get the perfect shot, and ended up knocking a chunk of marble off.

The debacle has left people furious at the 'imbecile' tourist.

The sightseer had clambered over the fence around the Fountain of Neptune in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. They then proceeded to climb onto the highly ornate fountain to pose for a picture.

The whole thing was captured on CCTV footage, and the man was quickly identified and will now face a 'hefty fine'.

Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella posted a statement about the incident on Twitter.

The tourist approaches the fountain.
Sky News

He said (translated): "This tourist thought it was okay to climb onto Neptune for a selfie. Luckily no damage, the alarm system worked. Thanks to the CCTV camera he was identified and he will pay a large fine.

"There are no justifications against the vandalism of cultural heritage."

However, Italian news agency ANSA later reported there was actually some damage to the right front leg of the horse on the fountain after the tourist leaped onto it. The man then had his friends take photos, knocking the horse's leg again on the way down and causing further damage.

The upper area of the chariot also had chunks of marble knocked off. The damage amounts to around €5,000 ($5,300).

Tommaso Muccini, Palazzo Vecchio fine arts architect, told Florentine newspaper La Nazione (trans.): "The imbecile entered the fountain by passing over the projectors which illuminate the fountain, creating interference with the sensors.

"Unfortunately the sensors didn't make the alarm go off in the moment he entered the fountain, but only when he left. At least he was identified."

The trespasser was identified after the CCTV footage emerged.
X / Dario Nardella

The architect explained that they had made the decision not to install higher barriers around the fountain, as this would interfere with the view of the beautiful sculptures. The fountain itself was constructed in the 16th century.

Muccini went on to say that repair work will likely be carried out in October to coincide with routine maintenance work on the monuments in Palazzo Vecchio.

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