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Mechanic dies after being sucked into plane engine

Mechanic dies after being sucked into plane engine

The mechanic was sucked into the plane engine while completing routine checks in Iran

A plane mechanic has lost his life after being sucked into a jet engine.

Abolfazl Amiri was carrying out routine maintenance work on Varesh Airline's Boeing 737-500 when the horror incident occurred.

The aircraft had just landed at Chabahar international airport in Iran, after having departed Tehran at 7.15am.

It was due to have routines checks, but that did not go to plan.

Reports suggest one of the engines was started with the cover flaps open in order to run the test.

Amiri had forgotten a tool near the engine, and subsequently approached the turbine.

He was pulled into the engine and killed before it became engulfed in flames.

Emergency responders were called in and recovered Amiri’s remains from the engine.

The engine after the shocking incident. (Twitter/FlightModeblog)
The engine after the shocking incident. (Twitter/FlightModeblog)

The plane ultimately remained on the ground for a week while it underwent repairs.

The aviation authorities in Iran have since launched an investigation into the tragic incident.

This tragic incident in Iran comes just weeks after an airport employee at Amsterdam airport was pulled into a plane's engine and killed.

On May 29, reports suggested that both passengers and workers at the Dutch airport witnessed the gruesome death.

After a short investigation, police released a statement confirming they had reason to believe the worker died as a result of suicide.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee explained their findings, ultimately concluding that the man's death was not an accident.

"The deceased man has been identified as an employee of a company operating at the airport,” the statement read.

“The investigation has revealed that he intentionally climbed into the engine, indicating this is a case of suicide.”

An airport worker in Amsterdam was killed in May. (Getty Stock Photo)
An airport worker in Amsterdam was killed in May. (Getty Stock Photo)

As probably expected, the employee's death shocked the passengers and his fellow crew members.

They noted to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that they heard a 'hellish noise' upon the tragic incident, as well as several people witnessing the disturbing death first hand.

The man died at 3pm local time on that May afternoon at the Schiphol Airport.

The statement from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee concluded: “Out of respect for the victim and their loved ones, no further statements will be made."

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@vareshairline/X/@flightmodeblog

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