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Hikers capture bizarre footage of ‘10ft tall aliens’ watching over hilltop
Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

Hikers capture bizarre footage of ‘10ft tall aliens’ watching over hilltop

The strange figures were spotted on an island in Brazil, with people immediately speculating that they were aliens

Intriguing video of two mysterious figures silhouetted on a hilltop has emerged online.

The footage was filmed on the Brazilian island of Ilha do Mel, about 285 miles down the coast from São Paulo in Paraná State.

In the video, two figures reported as '10ft tall' can be seen on top of the cliffside silhouetted against the sky.

The two figures, which are difficult to make out clearly, appear to be very tall and slender.

Naturally, people have piled onto social media claiming that the figures are actually extraterrestrial visitors, with the footage going viral.

One person posted: “It's a really strange figure. It has strange arm movements. I believe it. We are not the only inhabitants of this universe.”

But others were sceptical, with one posting: “How come all these aliens are p**s poor resolution? So we can't see the sticks holding them up?”

One of the figures on top of the hill.
Jam Press

Another wrote: “Looking closely at the images, it’s a real person. It looks like this person had binoculars or a camera. It's a T-shirt tied around his head.”

Local Marcio said: “Wow, Peter Crouch might not be able to go camping anymore.”

Footballer Peter Crouch, who is known for being very tall and slender, even weighed in himself, joking: "We were on a family holiday pls respect our privacy at this time."

The government of Paraná State made light of the sighting, and took the opportunity to promote tourism.

A spokesperson said: “Our summer is from another world. Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

The video originated on Instagram where the caption, translated, read: "Folks, these are the original videos that we made. In the second video of him descending the mountain you see already that he actually looks like a normal person, though taller than the vast majority."

This is not the first time that there have been reports of aliens being spotted in Brazil.

A significant sighting was the Varginha UFO incident in 1996.

The figures descending the hill.
Jam Press

However, this is the first time that such a sighting has been reported in Ilha do Mel.

But many people remain unconvinced, including UFO expert, Nick Pope.

Speaking to Metro on January 9, he said: "This story – and the reaction to it – is truly bizarre.

"There’s no credible evidence that anything UFO or alien-related happened, or that this was anything other than the police responding to reports of youths fighting."

He was not alone, with one person highlight that the footage on such sightings is always blurry.

They wrote: "Why whenever these videos get put out they look like they were filmed on a blackberry."

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