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Comedian posted eerie message about kidnapping before he was abducted and killed
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Tou Ger Xiong

Comedian posted eerie message about kidnapping before he was abducted and killed

Tou Ger Xiong was found dead in a ravine in Colombia after meeting up with a woman

Resurfaced social media posts show how comedian Tou Ger Xiong posted a message about being kidnapped before he was abducted and killed.

Xiong's death was confirmed by the comedian's family this week, after he went to visit Colombia in November with plans to spend time with family.

The 50-year-old also planned to go on a date with a woman he'd met online while on vacation, but during the date Xiong was ambushed and kidnapped by a group of men.

Xiong's family received a demand for $2,000 (8 million Colombian Pesos) in cash for his release, but the comedian sadly ended up being killed.

Following the news of Xiong's death, a Facebook post from last summer has resurfaced, showing Xiong stood between two women.

The comedian stayed true to his profession as he captioned the image with a joke, but in the wake of his death the caption takes on an eerie new meaning.

Xiong's post takes on a new meaning in the wake of his death.
Facebook/ Tou Ger Xiong

In his post, Xiong wrote: “In the event I get kidnapped, don’t look for me. I am happy.”

Police have not released the identity of the woman who is believed to have led Xiong into the kidnapping plot, but they have confirmed that a woman has been arrested after she was seen in images on Xiong's phone.

Xiong’s brother, Eh, told The New York Post his brother had been speaking with a mystery woman several times before the date.

“He had been in contact with this woman before, and she was part of the ‘new friends’ he made on his trips down there,” the brother said.

Xiong was found dead in the La Corcovado ravine in Colombia with multiple injuries, including multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma, according to local media reports.

His family are now cooperating with law enforcement agencies who are looking into the crime.

Xiong was an activist as well as a comedian.
Facebook/Tou Ger Xiong

One of Xiong's last Facebook post turned out to be particularly poignant in the wake of his death, as he wrote:

“Sometimes relationships end. Family members can grow apart, best friends break up, divorce happens, and work colleagues get fired. That’s life.

“When that happens it’s OK to set our egos aside and move on. Gossip, envy, deceit, jealousy, and lies are all self-injected poisons that will slowly kill you up from the inside. They eventually destroy everything you once were and prevent more beautiful things to grow inside of you.

“So instead of revenge and death to all, choose self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Beauty cannot grow inside a heart full of anger.”

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