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Couple furious after winning dream $4.2 million home ended up becoming 'nightmare'
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @imctplus

Couple furious after winning dream $4.2 million home ended up becoming 'nightmare'

A couple have been slammed as 'ungrateful' after winning a $4.25 million home and complaining about removed items.

A couple have been slammed as 'ungrateful' by some after winning a $4.25 million home and complaining about items which were removed.

Melbourne businessman Adrian Portelli's business LMCT+ held a raffle with the big prize of a $4.25 million house - featured in reality TV show The Block.

Kevin and Andrea Griffin ended up winning the multi-million dollar house located in Gisborne - having previously entered into the raffle for over 12 months.

However, Portelli has since shared a video of the handover of the property on social media, revealing the couple complaining about their new house, after the Griffins accused him of 'stealing' items from the house prior to them moving in.

Prior to the Griffins' move-in, Portelli did enter the property and remove items from inside.

CCTV footage from the house, obtained by The Herald Sun, revealed a group going into the home and retrieving $50,000 worth of wine, some Smeg appliances, a treadmill, meat smoker and robomower.

The Griffins argued the promotional videos for Portelli's company's competition led them to believe everything inside the house would be included in their prize.

The couple have accused Portelli of 'stealing' from the property.
Instagram/ @lmctplus

Portelli has also hit back noting the details stated it would be 'fully furnished'.

"The house came fully furnished, can you imagine winning a $4.5 million house? We even paid the stamp duty, which would have been about $300,000," he adds, as quoted by the Herald Sun.

He claims the Griffins have since sent him a $100,000 bill to replace the items removed from the house, allegedly threatening to 'put up a website' - titled 'Our LMCT nightmare' - if the businessman doesn't comply.

Portelli resolves: "It’s incredible. People are ungrateful."

Portelli has denied 'stealing' items from the house.
Instagram/ @lmctplus

The Griffins reportedly hired lawyers to write to Portelli about the missing items - alleged as being worth over $100,000.

Portelli's lawyer, Mark Stanarevic wrote back arguing Portelli had 'not engaged in any theft of wrongdoing concerning the appliances' which was 'considered optional and belong to the vendor'.

Mr Griffin says he wouldn't have taken the property had he known items were going to be removed, noting Portelli offered a $3 million cash option instead.

"If I’d known back then what I know now; all the headache and the heartache that’s gone with it," he added.

The businessman shared clips of the handover of the property earlier this week (Monday, 9 October) on LMCT+'s Instagram.

He wrote: "This is the last thing I wanted to do. I was backed up against a wall and had to defend myself so apologies to everyone involved."

And it's lead to the Griffins being slammed online for being 'ungrateful'.

Portelli shared footage of the couple from the handover of the property.
Instagram/ @lmctplus

Portelli has now taken to his Instagram to say he will be giving away $100,000 'to homeless people all across Australia' as well as the profit made from the sale of the belongings he removed from the raffle house.

He said: "Because we’re discussing how many people out there will just be grateful to have a roof over their head, let alone a $4.3 million furnished home mortgage free.

"So what better way to get you guys involved. We are going to get rid of this, someone’s going to win it for $1 and all the proceeds are going to go towards changing people’s life who will be grateful just to have a better night."

UNILAD has contacted Portelli's LMCT+ for comment.

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