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Australians in disbelief after American woman reveals etiquette difference
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brooke.alison.laven

Australians in disbelief after American woman reveals etiquette difference

People have been left conflicted over the TikToker's revelation

People are flooding to social media in confusion after an American revealed the etiquette difference they've noticed since living in Australia.

It turns out it's not just the US and UK which continue to baffle one another over their cultural differences - Australia has now entered the chat too.

A TikToker has taken to the platform to point out a difference she's noticed between the US and Down Under and it's left people conflicted.

If you're Australian or from the UK, prepare to be bamboozled:

TikToker Brooke Alison Laven - who goes by @brooke.alison.laven - took to the platform to reveal what she's noticed 'riding public transport' in Australia compared to America.

In the video, she explains there's 'this thing that Australians do' and she 'absolutely love[s] it'.

"It's changed how I ride public transport," Brooke adds, before giving a demonstration for her followers.

Brooke loves what 'Australians do' on public transport.

Brooke explains this is a 'MUST' if you ride the bus in Australia, recording herself stepping onto a bus and saying, 'Hello' to the driver.

"And when you get off make sure you always give the biggest thank you," she continues.

The TikToker's caption reads: "I've been riding public transport around the world for years, and hearing everyone say 'Thank you' to the bus drivers every day is uniquely Australian, I love it."

However, some users have been left a bit confused by Brooke's claims.

Manners maketh man and all that.

The video has amassed over half-a-million views and other TikTokers have flocked to the comments to weigh in on Australians being 'unique' in how they say hello to, and thank, bus drivers.

One social media user said: "Wait but these are basic manners? You’re telling me in other countries, you don’t say thank you to the person who drove you safely to your location."

A second added: "You must always thank the bus driver, a barista and your flight attendants. It’s standard in Aus!"

A third wrote: "Who doesn’t say 'thank you driver'?"

And a fourth resolved: "Blows my mind that people don't do it in other countries."

People have been left conflicted over Brooke's revelation.

In a follow-up post responding to comments questioning who doesn't thank bus drivers, Brooke explains she thinks 'some cultures are just more timid than Australian culture'.

The TikToker notes she lived in South Korea for four years and 'took the bus multiple times a day' and never heard anyone say, 'Thank you'.

"That's not because they're not polite," she adds. "It's just because it's just not the culture."

The TikToker also reflects shouting 'Thank you' so the driver definitely hears can be 'an introverts worst nightmare'.

She resolves: "I saw some comments in the other video that New Zealanders do this too and when people who do this in their country in other countries people give them weird looks, but this should be a norm in every place around the world, so yeah keep doing it."

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