Women Served Cold Fries Opens Fire In McDonald’s

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Woman fires shot in mcdonald's over cold friesFlickr/Wikimedia

Police in Georgia, USA, are investigating after a woman fired a gun in a McDonald’s in what appeared to be an aggressive response to being given cold fries. 

Imagine what she’d have done if they told her the ice cream machine was broken…

The customer was in McDonald’s on Augusta Road in Garden City on Monday (July 22) to get her lunchtime fast food fix.

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It’s not clear exactly what she ordered but let’s just say her meal certainly didn’t make her happy, because she soon returned to the counter to complain her fries were cold.

According to WTOC, the owner of the restaurant explained the manager went to get some new fries for the disgruntled customer but apparently the replacement portion just wasn’t enough to stave off her frustrations.

As the worker went to get the fries, the woman followed her into the kitchen and fired a gun into the floor.

I think everyone knows someone who gets snappy when they’re waiting for food but this is ‘hangry’ taken to a whole new level.


The authorities were called to the scene and Garden City Police arrived at around 2:45pm however they learned the woman had already left. Whether she ever got fries elsewhere is anybody’s guess, I don’t think any order would have been as hot as the heat she was packing.

Police managed to find the customer on Liberty Parkway and they took her into custody without incident.

Chatham County Jail’s roster shows Garden City Police detained a 27-year-old woman called Lillian Shantel Tarver at around 15:00 on Monday for several alleged driving offences.

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Ms Tarver was also charged with fleeing a police officer for a felony offence, armed robbery, aggravated assault, battery, possession of a firearm during an attempt to commit certain felonies and reckless conduct, though it’s not been confirmed whether this is the same woman who opened fire over cold fries in McDonald’s.

It seems like hanger has really been getting the best of people recently – earlier this month an American man earned the nickname ‘Angry Bagel Guy’ after he unleashed his rage on some baffled customers and employees at Bagel Boss East in Bay Shore, New York.


45-year-old Chris Morgan claimed he flipped after the girl behind the counter started laughing and smirking at him and said she couldn’t understand what he was saying. Rather than getting the whole wheat bagel with one egg white and Swiss cheese he’d ordered, he ended up getting tackled by another customer.

I think the key lesson we can take away from these tales is patience is a virtue. If these people had managed to keep a lid on their rage for just a little bit longer they each could have enjoyed a pleasant meal!

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    Police: Garden City woman fires gun in McDonald’s after receiving cold fries

Emily Brown
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