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Woman Shares How Her Apple Watch Detected Thyroid Condition Months Before Diagnosis

Woman Shares How Her Apple Watch Detected Thyroid Condition Months Before Diagnosis

TikToker shares how her Apply watch caught her thyroid diagnosis months before doctors

A TikToker has claimed that her Apple Watch seemed to pick up symptoms of her thyroid condition long before her doctors did.

TikToker Lauren (@studyvlogloz) took to the social media platform to share how her watch picked up on her symptoms of thyroid hemiagenesis months before she was diagnosed.

While the nursing student and aspiring medic said that the watches shouldn't be relied on for exhaustive medical advice, they can be a 'tool to prompt you to go get things investigated further'.

Lauren started her video by saying, 'If you have an Apple watch you need to make sure that all of these notifications are turned on right now, because I didn't and a couple of weeks ago I got diagnosed with a thyroid condition.'

She then claims, 'I would've realised something was going on had my Apple Watch alerted me of changes.'

Lauren then shows graphs from her Apple Watch that show her oxygen consumption was decreasing over time. The decrease in oxygen consumption meant that her 'cardiovascular system wasn't working as well as it once was'. This 'correlated' with when her other symptoms started, which eventually led to her diagnosis of thyroid hemiagenesis.

However, as Lauren notes, had she had the notifications on her watch turned on, she probably would have been alerted to the issue sooner.

Though she does say 'Apple is definitely not something you should follow as medical advice', she claims it can be a useful tool to prompt further investigation into health issues.

Lauren also shared her diagnosis experience with viewers.

She began the video by explaining, 'Today I got diagnosed with a really rare medical condition that has only been reported 300 times in the last 10 years around Australia.'

This, the content creator explained, was just her 'luck', but that working in medicine she wanted to share her experience with her followers.

She then detailed that she 'went in for an ultrasound yesterday on [her] lymph node because it has been really swollen'.

However, the scan found that Lauren had thyroid hemiagenesis, which is essentially 'missing half' of your thyroid, which causes the remaining half to get 'overworked' and 'tired' to the point where it stops working properly.

Luckily, the condition is treatable, and Lauren will be going on long-term medication to ensure that her thyroid function stays healthy.

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Featured Image Credit: @studyvlogloz/TikTok

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