Woman Wanted By Police For Urinating On Potatoes In Walmart


Woman Wanted By Police For Urinating On Potatoes In WalmartWest Mifflin Police Dept.

Police are on the lookout for a woman accused of urinating on potatoes in a supermarket. 

The incident allegedly took place at a Walmart in western Pennsylvania, USA.


West Mifflin Police posted surveillance photos on their Twitter account in the hope that someone can help identify the suspect.

A Walmart representative told Pennsylvania-based news outlet WPXI-TV that it was a store employee who saw the woman peeing in the shop.

Beth Elliot, a customer who shops at the store, told WPXI-TV:


My first reaction is one, kind of horrified. I realize that some people have issues that might lead them to do things that might be considered unusual.

In a statement, Walmart told the news outlet that they had disposed of the spoiled potatoes and cleaned the area.

Woman Wanted By Police For Urinating On Potatoes In WalmartWPXI

The statement read:


This type of obscene conduct is outrageous and we immediately disposed of the affected products and sanitized the area to ensure its cleanliness and safety for our customers. We’re working with the West Mifflin Police Department to find the responsible party and have them prosecuted.

This is the latest in a bizarre string of incidents involving people and everyday foods.

Earlier in July, a woman sparked a ridiculous new fad by opening a tub of ice cream in a store, licking the contents and putting the product back in the freezer. The video went viral online, though the laughs soon froze; police warned that she could face up to 20 years in prison under a second-degree felony charge of tampering with a consumer product.

Watch the video below:



Incidents like this are affecting shoppers who manage the remarkable feat of putting a tub of ice cream in their basket without tampering with it.

Mashable reported that a number of shops are now treating their ice cream like cigarettes in the UK, and are actually locking the freezers.


A Florida woman was also recently arrested for allegedly ruining more than $2,000 of food, after spitting, urinating, and picking her nose into the store’s ice cream.

Blue Bell Creameries explained that cartons of their ice creams are frozen upside down during production, creating a natural seal in the lid. Keep that in mind during your next food shop.

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  1. WXPI-TV

    Woman wanted for allegedly urinating on potatoes at West Mifflin Walmart

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