Woman Thinks She Found A UFO In Her Back Garden

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Woman Thinks She Found A UFO In Her Back Garden@allymurray222/TikTok

A woman has taken to TikTok claiming that she has found a UFO in her back garden. 

TikTok user Ally (@allymurray222) posted a video she had filmed in her back garden, showing her followers what she believes to be a UFO.

She addresses her followers saying, ‘If anybody from conspiracy TikTok is here um, I think you’d be interested in the UFO I just found in my backyard.’

The video has amassed more than 2.3 million views, 300,100 likes and 1,644 comments. Users have been flooding to the comments section to post their theories around what the unidentified object could possibly be, with one suggesting it was the ‘top of a water tank or a silo’.

Another commented:

Ummmmmm I don’t want to burst ur bubble but storm shelters in the south, some of them look just like this…..

A third said, ‘Just a satellite TV dish from the late 90’s.’

Ally has since updated followers on her findings, posting a second video of the discovery to give her followers a better look at it. In it, she notes how the object has some ‘weird graffiti on it’, which looks peculiarly like a Mario Kart mushroom.

@allymurray222Reply to @laurensalvesen I think it’s a bunker or something?? Someone tell me what that hole is for tho♬ original sound – Ally

She describes how it is ‘completely out here in the middle of nowhere’ and that there is ‘nothing for a mile in any direction’.

She goes on to show her followers ‘what they were all waiting for’: a better look inside the alleged UFO. However, unfortunately no aliens can be seen, just rocks and water due to it being monsoon season. Ally does note a mysterious hole, however, which she doesn’t have access to due to the water.

Ally later posted a third video in which she admits to her followers that she ‘knows for a fact it’s not actually a UFO’, but that she would ‘sooner believe it was a UFO than a satellite’. She asked her followers to help her out because she wants to find out what is in the hole.

@allymurray222Reply to @veggie.reggie.id ##ufo I move next week, so I want to know what this is♬ original sound – Ally

Most followers seemed to think that the presence of the hole confirmed the strange object’s status as some sort of silo or water tower.

While the object has still not yet been wholly identified, if it really was a UFO, you would think that any alien who was such a big fan of Mario Kart they would graffiti a mega mushroom on its vehicle would have hopefully learned better driving skills than crashing into someone’s back garden.

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Poppy Bilderbeck
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