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Woman Shocked After Finding Sister’s New Boyfriend’s Arrest Record

Woman Shocked After Finding Sister’s New Boyfriend’s Arrest Record

The pair had been dating for two months before she found out about his past.

A woman was left shocked after her sister allegedly revealed the lengthy arrest record of the man she had been dating for two months.

Getting into a relationship can be hard work at the best of times, with the first few weeks typically consisting of the 'getting to know you' phase, which allows you to figure out whether it's worth pursuing.

Still, it's always worth it to go through this phase so you don't end up with any shocking surprises further down the line – as one TikToker, who goes by the handle @jsthurst, knows all too well.

Check out her video below:

The TikToker went viral this month after sharing a video in which she explained that she had been dating a guy for two months before her sister decided to 'do a deep dive' on him.

It's unclear exactly what this 'deep dive' entailed, but I can imagine it involved a bit of social media stalking and Googling. Though this kind of search can result in some unfortunate finds, you'd most likely expect it to be photos of the embarrassing teenage years, or an old tweet that doesn't really land well in the modern day.

@jsthurst probably wishes this is what her sister had found, but unfortunately her discovery was a lot more concerning. In her video, the TikToker shows a screenshot of a message from her sister which appears to contain seven mugshots, each with a few lines of text underneath.

Prior to sending the images, the sister wrote: "Hey. I'm gonna freak you out."

Woman shocked as sister reveals details about boyfriend (@jsthurst/TikTok)
Woman shocked as sister reveals details about boyfriend (@jsthurst/TikTok)

In case the woman was left in any doubt as to what the mugshots meant, her sister followed up with another message in which she seemed to refer to the boyfriend's most recent arrest as she wrote: "Most recent is assault by strangulation."

She also indicated that he had been lying to his girlfriend, as he wrote: "Also he's 25 years old."

Obviously this wasn't something @jsthurst could just move past, so she followed up on her sister's claims with the guy she was seeing, who responded to say he could show her his ID when she asked why he lied about his age.

He appeared to go on to try and justify the lies, writing a series of texts that read: 'NC [presumably North Carolina] don't even know my real information. But I get it. NC don't even know my social.'

The man added that he 'had sh*t in NY (New York)' that he 'didn't want to follow' him, and seemingly accused the woman's sister of being misinformed as he added: "She don't even know about my NY sh*t and family. I get it tho... it's a crazy situation tht I don't expect you to understand [sic]."

The TikTok has been met with shock from viewers, with one person telling the poster that their sister 'literally probably saved [her] life'.

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Featured Image Credit: @jsthurst/TikTok

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