Woman Reveals Chilling Moment Her Child ‘Remembered Dying’ In A Former Life

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Woman Reveals Chilling Moment Her Child ‘Remembered Dying’ In A Former Life

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A TikToking mum has been left baffled over her three-year-old's revelation that he's lived a past life.

Children: cute, fun, small, creative, sometimes slightly annoying, and apparently also occasionally quite alarming.

Mum Kelse uses TikTok to post funny videos of her life as a parent, from what house rules she has to follow unless she wants to face her three-year-old's 'wrath', to being woken up on the baby monitor before 6.00am.

However, one video takes a dramatic turn, as the mum reveals her son remembered 'how he died in a former life,' detailing aspects of his past self quite terrifyingly 'out of nowhere'.


Noting her child's obsession with maps 'ever since he was a baby', Kelse told followers how they were in the car one day when her child, who was two at the time, suddenly announced he 'used to be an adult'.

Kelse explained how he went on to say: 'When I used to be an adult, I had a map and I was travelling through the sand to find water, but when I found water, I sunk and then I became a kid again.'

While initially having dismissed her child's statement, Kelse noted how baffled she is by his recounting of places he has never even been before. 'Is this like a former life or an over-active imagination, what do I do with this?' she asked followers.

Mum Explains Son's Declaration of a Past Life (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)
Mum Explains Son's Declaration of a Past Life (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)

The post has since amassed over seven million views, with users flocking to the video to offer their own advice. One said: 'there's a documentary on kids who know about past lives!'

Another wrote: 'Its a spiritual memory! It is a former life, his spirit was lucky enough to be reborn as a human.'

A third commented: 'My sister used to talk like this as a kid, turns out she confused past and future tense so she was talking about things se wanted to do as an adult.'

Mum Explains Toddler's Declaration of Past Life (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)
Mum Explains Toddler's Declaration of Past Life (@kelsewhatelse/TikTok)

Meanwhile, a fourth urged the mum to 'ask him if he remembers what his name was or where he was Burried and then google him'.

Whether past life or present, you have to admit that the young boy's revelation is a bit creepy.

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