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Woman who 'married' her stepdad shares real story
Featured Image Credit: @christywho_/Instagram

Woman who 'married' her stepdad shares real story

The truth has been unveiled after more than 20 million views

One of the biggest relationship taboos on our pale blue dot is parent-child relationships, but this is exactly what this woman claimed to have done.

Christy, 26, recently went viral on TikTok after she shared a video on 27 February appearing to brag about marrying her stepdad.

The video, which she posted under the name @Christywho_, shows her with her legs wrapped around her apparent stepdad's waist as the pair passionately kiss after saying their nuptials.

"Marrying my stepdad was the best decision I’ve ever made," she wrote overlaying the video which quickly went viral.

It was also accompanied by a number of eye-popping hashtags including #marryyourmomsex and #agegap and one which revealed that the pair had tied the knot in Vegas.

As you can imagine, the comments section of the video was immediately flooded with horrified remarks.

"My jaw dropped," remarked one TikTok user.

"What in the sweet home Alabama is going on here [sic]," questioned a second, while a third wrote: "bombastic side eye, 360 head turn, blank stare, jaw dropped [sic]."

"I don't think I can come up with a situation where this happens and there's no ick," added a fourth.

People on TikTok were horrified by the video.
TikTok / @christywho_

Now, after more than 23 million people watched the original video, Christy has revealed that the reality of the pair's love story wasn't as controversial as it portrayed.

In fact, she told the New York Post that she only posted the video as a 'joke'.

Then, in a follow-up video, she explained that their 'real story' was 'not as interesting.'

Christy said: "Was I groomed? No. Did my stepdad raise me? No. Was I a minor when I met him? No. Do me and my mom still talk? Yes. Did he have kids with my mom? No."

She then clarified in a third TikTok that her new husband isn't even her stepdad - she simply made the comment because the pair have a 16-year age gap.

Christy went on to reveal he was actually her older brother's best friend, and after her brother died in a motorcycle crash, they bonded over the loss and fell in love.

Christy's new husband isn't actually her stepdad - it was a joke.
TikTok / @christywho_

"Didn't expect the video to blow up as much as it did," Christy admitted.

She added that she made the joke in a bid to prove that people will believe anything that they read on the internet.

"I also wanted to prove that everyone will be upset and believe anything they see on the internet nowadays," she explained.

"They were mad when I 'married my stepdad,' and they were mad when I posted my real story and found out that it wasn't actually my stepdad. The internet feeds on the drama.

"The amount of death threats I received, wishing that my children were born without arms and legs and they were glad my brother had died, and they wanted to call [child protective services] on me. It was absolutely insane lol."

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