Woman Loses 10 Stone After Being Humiliated By Guy Who Threw Burger At Her

Lucy Connolly


Mum loses weight after guy threw burger at herKennedy News and Media

A woman has lost 10 stone after a road rage incident led to insulting her and launching a burger in her direction.

Kym Fisher, a mum-of-one who weighed 21st 7lbs and wore a size 24, was driving home from a shopping trip with her young daughter in 2015 when the incident occurred.

As Kym, 30, was approaching a roundabout, a male van driver failed to indicate and almost smashed into her car, causing the mother to beep her horn.

Shockingly, the man then wound his window down before hurling a burger at Kym and shouting vile insults at her – even calling her a fat c***.


Kym, of Basingstoke, Hampshire, had her four-year-old daughter, Bea Fisher, in the car when the van nearly crashed into them.

She was just worried about her daughter at the time, saying:

The guy was not indicating on the roundabout so I thought he was going straight over but instead he sped up and nearly went into the side of us.

I was really scared that he was going to smash into us. I was worried he was going to smash into the back seat and hit Bea.

I beeped the horn and the guy just went absolutely ballistic. He wound down his window and threw a burger at the car and was shouting ‘you’re a fat c***’.

He started really flaring up and ramming into the side of the car. I was really worried because of Bea. It all happened so quickly and escalated so quickly.

Kym went straight to the police station after the incident and the van driver was later fined in court for his actions.

Mum loses weight after guy threw burger at herKennedy News and Media

The fat-shaming road rage incident, along with a warning from her mum, led Kym to decide she’d had enough; she soon swapped fast food and sausage rolls for healthy meals and dropped 10st over two years.

The mum-of-one has gone from a size 24 to a size 8 and now weighs a healthier 11st 7lbs – a weight she hasn’t been since she was 19. As well as boosting her self-confidence, Kym’s impressive weight loss has massively improved her physical health.

At her heaviest, Kym had 38KK breasts which put a huge strain on her back and left her in daily agony. She also struggled to run after her daughter without getting out of breath.


Kym said:

At my biggest my lower back was awful. I went up to a 38KK in bras and my back was in agony. When Bea started walking and running around, I couldn’t run after her. I was out of breath all the time. Even getting up off the sofa was a bit of an issue.

Things like going to soft play, I physically couldn’t get my bum down things. I couldn’t go down the slide with Bea because my bum was too big. I started to get a bit embarrassed that I couldn’t do things with her because I was out of breath and unfit.

Mum loses weight after guy threw burger at herKennedy News and Media

Kym began her weight loss journey at home, getting rid of takeaways and making fresh, home-cooked meals. She then joined Slimming World in 2017.

The mum-of-one now says she feels ‘amazing’ and has the energy to go to the gym six times a week and, more importantly, play with her little girl.

Now, Kym says there is nothing more rewarding than seeing how much of a positive influence she is to Bea, who the mum-of-one says she is ‘really proud of’.

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Lucy Connolly
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