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Woman Turns Orange After Eating Only Pumpkin And Sweet Potatoes In Strict Weight Loss Diet

Woman Turns Orange After Eating Only Pumpkin And Sweet Potatoes In Strict Weight Loss Diet

The 34-year-old sales assistant from Cincinnati, Ohio ate sweet potatoes for or with every meal for six months in an attempt to lose weight

A woman's skin has quite literally turned orange after eating only pumpkin and sweet potatoes in a strict weight loss diet.

Although eating a balanced diet is clearly good for our health, it's sometimes hard to get that balance right when trying to lose weight.

Some try upping their daily steps while others turn to extravagant diets.

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If one thing is for sure, it's that there are hundreds of different ways to lose weight.

However, Alysha Shobe from Cincinnati, Ohio went from one extreme to another by eating sweet potatoes for or with every meal for six months.

After a tough break-up, the 34-year-old decided to completely cut out fast food (good idea) but, instead, went on a strict sweet potato and vegetable diet.

She went from eating actually looking like one. 'You are what you eat' definitely applies here, I think.

The sales assistant explained: "It started in the fall of 2019 when I was mad at a boy who I really liked.

"I was determined to lose weight, which led to me eating lots of sweet potatoes. I’ve always liked them, they’re very filling and satisfy my sweet tooth.

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"I became obsessed, I would only eat them and pumpkin purée. I noticed a slight skin change but at first I looked tanned rather than orange. After four months, people started to see my skin turn orange.

"I was a teacher at the time and even had a child ask me if my liver was okay.

"The skin didn’t bother me, but my mom was mad, she would always yell at me for turning orange."

Her diet consisted of five sweet potatoes per day while adding other vegetables like pumpkin, peas and butternut squash.

Thankfully, as well as losing some weight, Alysha has now returned to eating a more balanced diet, resulting in a more natural skin tone.

Although she still eats sweet potatoes, she concluded: "I still eat them now, they’re cheap and taste nice. I just don’t eat as many, and I’m not as obsessed with calories."

Luke Hughes, personal trainer at Origym, has previously spoken about the dangers of losing weight too fast.

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"Fast weight loss can put you at risk of health problems, including muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, and a drop in metabolism.

"Other health-related issues include shedding more hair than usual, feeling cold and irritable, having reduced energy levels, and people may find they stop having periods.

"This often occurs when people exercise too much or attempt “crash” or low-calorie diets.

"If you lose weight too quickly, it’s also unlikely you will keep it off permanently."

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