Woman Forced To Negotiate With Intruder While On Hold With Police

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Woman Forced To Negotiate With Intruder While On Hold With PoliceFOX 2 St. Louis

A St. Louis woman was forced to try and negotiate with an intruder at her home while being kept on hold with police for approximately eight minutes. 

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, called 911 from her home in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, October 24 after realising an intruder had entered her gated garden and was trying to get into her home.

Rather than being met with a quick answer and the promise of help, as you might expect when calling the police, the woman says she was connected to a voice recording.

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Recalling her experience to FOX 2 Now, she said: ‘There’s no way a human voice should not be answering a 911 call.’

The woman attempted to call 911 from two different phones, as well as messaging a relative to ask them to ring the police in case they were able to get through. In the meantime, she was left with no choice but to try and handle the situation herself and began negotiating with the intruder through a glass door.

The intruder was described as appearing ‘out of it’ and remained outside during the negotiation. The caller estimates it was eight minutes before she finally got through to a human on the phone, after which police were dispatched to her house.

Once there, they deescalated the situation and discovered the intruder had a sharp knife.

Woman on phone (Pexels)Pexels

The woman acknowledged that while she was glad everything turned out okay, it is ‘time to take action’ with regards to the 911 response time.

St Louis’ 911 system has come under fire in the past, so much so that mayor Tishaura Jones said in August the city ‘deserves an emergency response system that functions and works for them’.

Per FOX 2, she continued: ‘That’s why my administration is working to bring some needed fixes to our 911 system. We recognise it’s a problem that’s been festering for years and will not be fixed overnight.’ A spokesperson for the city said 65% of 911 calls are currently answered within 10 seconds.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is reportedly working to gather more information about the events that unfolded on Sunday, with a spokesperson saying the city is working actively to improve its 911 system through more hiring, technological upgrades and restructuring.

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    St Louis Woman Negotiates With Intruder While On Hold To 911

Emily Brown
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