Woman Explains How She Tried To Smuggle 5kg Of Cocaine Out Of South America


Woman Tried To Smuggle 5kg Cocaine From South America - UNILADUNILAD

A woman has opened up about her experience trying to smuggle 5kg worth of cocaine out of South America. 

At the age of 19, Natalie was manipulated by her drug dealer into attempting to fly 5kg worth of cocaine out of Venezuela.


Detailing how she felt when she got caught, as well as the circumstances around her being intercepted just before getting on the plane including who she took with her on the trip, Natalie also opened up about what led her to get involved in smuggling drugs in the first place.


Speaking of the moment she knew she was about to be discovered, Natalie noted how she knew ‘straight away that [they were] coming in for [her]’.

While sat in the departure lounge with her daughter, Nikita, Natalie was asked to go with the Guardia, which she tried to convince herself was ‘part of the plan’.


She said: 

 I see the Guardia come in and, like, enter, the departure lounge, and my heart sinks.

[…] And he’s, like, taken everything out of my suitcase, and gets a knife and just, like, stabs the knife into the suitcase, and with every movement that he’s making, I can just… my heart, my stomach is just sinking more and more and more and more.

‘You know when you’re little and you’ve done something wrong, and you just think, if you squeeze your eyes hard enough, or if you wish it hard enough, you know, you can turn back time,’ she said.

Woman Tried To Smuggle 5kg Cocaine - Alamy Alamy

Natalie detailed how it was a drug addiction that led her to smuggling drugs, which was ‘out of control’ and ‘totally consumed’ her life ‘from the moment [she] woke up to the moment that [she’d] go to sleep’.

One of Natalie’s drug dealers propositioned her with the idea of transporting drugs for them, offering her money and to pay for her ‘holiday’. She noted how they could definitely ‘identify in her desperation’ and ‘vulnerability’.

She explained: 

I saw it as an opportunity to get out, to get away, I thought if I could just get out of this area and go away, I could get clean and just come back with a whole different attitude, you know?


‘And I think they honed in on that and reassured me all the time. They were telling me that it, you know, it was good that I was bringing my daughter, that nobody was even gonna suspect me, with you know, a young child with me,’ she said.

Woman Tried To Smuggle 5kg - Alamy Alamy

Despite being found with 5kg of cocaine in her suitcase – or what Natalie believes to actually have been ‘even more than that’ because of it containing ‘maybe six bricks in the bottom’ and another ‘six bricks hidden in the top’ – she was charged with possession of 3kg of cocaine and attempting to export it out of the country.

She pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Natalie spent ‘about 18 months’ of her sentence in San Antonio mixed prison in Margarita, in which there were gang wars. Following a suicide attempt, she requested to be transferred from San Antonio, and went to a different mixed prison.

Natalie escaped from jail into Colombia with the help of a guard who she fell in love with. ‘I was safe then, nothing could be done to me in Columbia,’ she said.

Woman Tries To Smuggle 5kg - UNILADUNILAD

After her escape, Natalie was told that she was ‘completely free’ to return to England, and got ‘work pretty much straight away’ when she came back with former prison guard Jose.

Within a year she bought a house and was reunited with Nikita, and wrote a book about her experiences.

However, Natalie resorted to selling drugs again when she was fired from her job and was faced with losing her house. She got caught and received another prison sentence, and ‘lost everything anyway’.

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