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Woman Documents What It's Like Living During China's Biggest Lockdown

Woman Documents What It's Like Living During China's Biggest Lockdown

A TikToker has revealed what it's like to be in China amid Shanghai's strict coronavirus lockdown.

A TikToker has revealed what it's like to be in China amid Shanghai's strict coronavirus lockdown.

While areas such as the UK have seen restrictions lifted and regulations eased, China has faced a harsh lockdown as a result of a surge in Omicron cases.

Pressure has been mounting as the city's 26 million residents have been confined to their houses without easy access to food and other essential supplies.

Chaniece, an American currently in China, has used her social media platform to open up about what it's really like to be in lockdown in the country's most populated city.

On 2 April 2022, in day two of the Puxi lockdown, Chaniece (TikTok - @thisischaniece) explained how her flatmate Terry had to get permission to walk the dog and was only allowed to 'late at night'.

The TikToker also explained the delays she was facing in getting her Covid test results back and her realisation that 'not all care packages are the same'.

"These bags of supplies were organised by all the different sub districts who all have different suppliers, budgets, etc which means the contents will vary wildly. Mine was completely filled with vegetables so if you want to trade for some chocolate I'd be keen," the caption reads.

TikToker Chaniece reveals the day-to-day life of a Shanghai resident amid the city's strict lockdown.
@thisischaniece/ TikTok

Chaniece posted footage of a resident arguing with a volunteer, explaining that tensions were 'running high'.

She noted how she also got 'very emotional' after getting a phone call telling her she 'needed to retake the test' 'without any explanation'.

"After a bit I calmed down. My fear wasn't the facility but how long I'd be there.

"Apparently there's no wifi either," she explained.

Chaniece reveals how 'tensions are running high' between residents, especially when someone tests positive for coronavirus in the building.
@thisischaniece/ TikTok

As if that wasn't enough already, Chaniece was then informed someone in the building had tested positive.

A tester dressed head-to-toe in PPE was captured on the recording, performing the uncomfortable test on Chaniece.

"Terry told me in Pudong, out of 96 buildings, 48 had tested positive," she said.

Chaniece had to get tested again by someone dressed in full PPE because of someone testing positive in the building.
@thisischaniece/ TikTok

The video has amassed over two million views, 150,000 likes and thousands of comments, with users flooding to the post in support.

Most followers voiced the opinion that such a strict approach was an 'overreaction'.

"It’s been three years I can’t believe they’re still locking down," one said.

However, Chaniece noted: "Barely any Covid cases in two years here in Shanghai so it’s a big deal for us."

Despite two years of having minimal cases, Shanghai has seen a steep rise in Omicron cases and has used drones to help enforce lockdown restrictions.
@thisischeniece/ TikTok

Other footage posted on social media has shown residents looting supermarkets in desperation after having been left without medicine or food.

The use of drones to enforce lockdown measures has also seen the city compared to sci-fi television series Black Mirror.

Chaniece's update is one of 20 different videos and illustrates the immensely challenging and tense situation Shanghai residents are facing on a daily basis amid the lockdown.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thisischaniece

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