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People horrified after woman reveals she was charged $8 for 15 fries at hockey match

People horrified after woman reveals she was charged $8 for 15 fries at hockey match

Social media users can't believe a Vancouver Canucks fan didn't demand a refund after getting so few fries

People can’t believe just how little food a woman got after paying $8 for some fries at a Vancouver Canucks hockey game.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t get enough bang for your buck when you ordered some food? There is nothing more frustrating, right?

Well, one woman has somehow managed to keep her cool after reportedly paying a ridiculous amount of money for a pitiful number of fries.

X user Sara Jones shared an image of the 'meal' and social media users simply couldn’t believe it.

“I know that being at Rogers Arena I’m in the land of overpriced food but this is the saddest bunch of fries for $7.99 plus tax,” she wrote in a post on March 17.

The fries in question.

“Those fries better be made of gold or something for that price. Canucks be trippin' for real, smh,” wrote one stunned X user.

"Dear Canucks, this is an invalid business exchange. Do better," another added.

“Game foods always been overpriced but at least the serving sizes are usually huge. This one is ridiculous!” a third wrote.

“As a highly informed individual, I find it perplexing how such exorbitant prices at sports events continue to disappoint fans. It is essential for organizations to prioritize fair pricing to ensure an enjoyable experience for all attendees,” someone else commented.

"I paid for a $5.65 bottle of water... I'm still mad I did that," another user claimed.

Jones even replied to those who asked whether she went back to the kiosk and demanded a refund or at least another handful of fries.

“I asked if that’s all it came with and the guy said yes. But I also wasn’t going to give him a hard time cause I know it’s not him that makes the decision,” she added.

Social media users couldn't believe Jones didn't demand a refund.
Derek Cain/Getty Images

Another user said they definitely would have caused a scene and asked for their money back but Jones was nice enough about the whole incident since the fries were for her son.

She wrote: “If it had been for me I definitely would have passed but it was the one thing my kid said he wanted to eat but I’ve learned my lesson!”

That is certainly a sweet reason not to make it a big deal but boy I don't think I could do the same.

If the fries incident wasn't bad enough, the Vancouver Canucks also ended up losing to the Washington Capitals so it really wasn't a good day for Jones.

UNILAD has contacted the Rogers Arena for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/sarathomjones/Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

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