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Winner of record $2.1 billion Power Ball jackpot has just made his first big purchase
Featured Image Credit: The Agency / The Canadian Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Winner of record $2.1 billion Power Ball jackpot has just made his first big purchase

He's got excellent taste.

We've all fantasised about what we'd do if we won the lottery, dreaming of what our first big purchase would be.

Well, the winner of the record $2.1 billion Powerball has just spent the first part of their winnings, and all we can say is that he's got excellent taste.

Edwin Castro, who collected the record sum of $997.6 million before taxes, decided he was going to spend a mere 2.56% of his prize on something most of us could only fantasise about owning.

Namely, a $25.5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills and the new homeowner has a lot of celebrity neighbours too.

Needless to say, not many people have that much cash to splash, and it's already the biggest sale in the area this year - and ranks among the biggest ever.

The new billionaire's home is as incredible as you'd expect.

What's more is that the lottery winner actually got a bit of a discount on the mansion, which was originally listed with a whopping $29.95 price tag in the summer of 2022.

The home is a whopping 5,000 square foot and it has five bedrooms and six bathrooms - one of which is adorned with marble slabs (as you do when you're rich).

It has also got an exercise room, home theatre and, of course, an infinity pool for when Castro needs to unwind after a hard day spending his many millions.

Life would be so much better with an infinity pool.

The home itself was built just last year and designed by Roman James.

Stefan Pommepuy of The Agency told The New York Post: "Roman James did a great job of pulling the expansive views into the home to create an intimate backdrop for moments alone or with guests.

"It's sexy and cool, but still feels like a place to call home."

Some of the famous faces who live nearby include Dakota Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ariana Grande.

Imagine spotting Ariana Grande as you chill in your infinity pool.

When Castro won the life-changing jackpot, he was given two options - receive the money over 30 years in the form of annual payments or take a lump sum.

Needless to say, after choosing the later, we are sure that this mansion will be just one of many big purchases he is set to make in the near future.

Castro's $2.1 billion win was the biggest in history by a mile - with only four previous jackpots ever topping the $1 billion mark.

After scooping the jackpot, Castro said he was 'shocked and ecstatic' by his new billionaire status.

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