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Massachusetts high school graduating class has 15 pairs of twins and one set of triplets

Massachusetts high school graduating class has 15 pairs of twins and one set of triplets

Westford Academy in Massachusetts has a remarkable amount of twins and triplets in the Class of 2023

A graduating high school class contains 15 sets of twins and one set of triplets, which is absolutely remarkable given that there’s only a few hundred kids in the year. Check out the full story in the video below.

The headteacher of their school puts it down to ‘good water’, but it’s more likely a complete statistical anomaly.

Westford Academy in Massachusetts had their graduation ceremony recently, and – to be honest – it must have become a bit samey, as they were inviting loads of different people with the same surnames across the stage to collect their diplomas.

15 sets of twins is a lot.

It’s more than just a bizarre coincidence, it’s a case study.

However, everyone seems to get on very well, for the most part.

15 sets of twins and a set of triplets - that's a lot.

The Westford Academy Dean of Students, Daniel Twomey, explained: “They hang out together.

“They play sports together.

“They do activities together.

“And they’re all graduating together.”

There are high points and low points, though.

One of the many twins, Meghan Hall, said: “We know how to share because we grew up together.

“We know how to make friends because we made them together.”

Another fellow twin, Graham Stair, added: “She [his twin] follows me everywhere.

“I can’t get rid of her.”

This strange realisation only really became totally apparent when they started to compile the yearbook and realised the number of sets of twins that there were in the group.

On top of that, there’s the triplets.

Ben Jone, one of those three, said: “To be the only triplets among all these twins is nice. Strength in numbers.”

Well, there must be some sort of perk to having to share your birthday with two other people, that’s for sure.

What good would it be if you couldn’t occasionally pull rank on people in your school year, even if they are twins themselves?

All of the twins and triplets are now set for higher education, along with 98 percent of their entire school year of 420 students.

They only really realised when putting the yearbook together.

To throw into context how rare this is, there were approximately 114,000 twins born last year in America, out of 3.66 million total births.

Triplets are even more uncommon, making up only 0.07 percent of all births.

The school’s principal, Principal Antonelli, said: “It’s good water in Westford, I’ll tell you that much,

“Got to give a plug to my water department. They’re good people.

“I think the real impact moment was taking a look at that page in print, in the yearbook, was that final moment for me of ‘wow, wow’.

“Five years from now when they come back for their reunion.

“It’s gonna be amazing.

“This particular class, it will really click with, ‘what’s happening with the twins?’”

As for next year's graduating class - they only have six sets of twins.

A poor effort, really.

Featured Image Credit: WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube

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